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So does anyone remember the old Pokemon episode with the Pokemon Fortune Telling Book? It was the one where Birch (lol my phone auto corrected Butch) and Cassidy made a knock off version and pretended to be a day care to steal people's Pokemon for when people left Pokemon there to be traded. It was also the one where James thought he was a Moltres and dressed up like one.


Well a while ago I made my own grid to try and mimic the Pokemon Fortune Telling Book for fun. It was basically a very expansive Pokemon Zodiac that included all the Pokemon. I would use people's birth date and their gender to determine what Pokemon they were and then wrote a description about their sign and what it said about them.

I was thinking with a new generation of Pokemon I need to make a new one but before I do all that work would anyone on here be interested in such a thing?

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On 10/24/2016 at 4:15 AM, PokemonKing16 said:

Yep! I'm a Scorpio (born 11/08/1999)

Ok so I still need to update the zodiac with the gen 7 Pokemon and I'm not sure how I will do it just yet so what you are may be different in the new one I make compared to my old one. But here is your result from my old zodiac. Obviously this is for fun and I'm not claiming to be some kind of psychic so if your result doesn't sound anything like you don't be surprised because it probably won't. xD Anyways here you go:

Pokemon Sign: Poochyena

Description: Poochyena types are very determined people. Just like Poochyena chase down their prey to exhaustion these people won't give up on things easily. When they set a goal for themselves they'll chase after it until they achieve it. However because of this sometimes they can be too stubborn which can lead to them exhausting themselves instead. For example it's not unusual for a Poochyena type to forget to eat or sleep when finishing a project they've been working on. It's important for the friends of Poochyena types to remind them to take care of themselves. It can be hard though because after a Poochyena type completes one goal they seem to have no trouble sniffing out a new one to tackle. At least this means that Poochyena types are usually the ones you can rely on to get things done or the ones you see rising to the top in school or in the workplace. Many people think that because Poochyena types are so determined and are often so successful in their goals that they're aggressive and highly competitive but this isn't true. The goals they set for themselves are personal goals and they don't really compare their own progress to others. Additionally most Poochyena types dislike confrontation and would rather run from a fight than to engage in one. Sometimes this means they can be easily scared but thankfully their determination forces them to work through these situations so you'll never know a Poochyena type to be a coward. For the Poochyena type that finds themselves often intimidated they're is good news because as they age into a Mightyena type they soon find that they'll be the intimidating ones. Finally like their omnivorous Pokemon counterparts Poochyena types aren't picky eaters and are usually willing to try any food at least once once, sometimes proving just how brave they can be.

Strengths: Determined, successful, and brave

Weaknesses: Can be neglectful of their health and can be easily intimidated

Lucky Color: Gray

Compatible Pokemon: Raticate family, Sandslash family, Ninetales, family, Dugtrio family, Persian family, Primeape family, Arcanine family, Rapidash family, Tauros, Miltank, Vaporeon family, Jolteon family, Flareon family, Typhlosion family, Furret family, Eevee family, Girafarig, Dunsparce, Ursaring family, Houndoom family, Donphan family, Stantler, Smeargle family, Blaziken family, Linoone family, Slaking family, Manectric family, Camerupt family, Torkoal, Grumpig family, Zangoose, Kecleon, Absol, Luxray family, Ambipom family, Purugly family, Skuntank family, Hippowdon family, Weavile family, Mamoswine family, Emboar family, Samurott family, Watchog family, Stoutland family, Liepard family, Simisage family, Simisear family, Simipour family, Musharna family, Zebstrika family, Excadrill family, Krookodile family, Darmanitan family, Zoroark family, Cinccino family, Sawsbuck family, Emolga, Beartic family, Bouffalant, Heatmor, Chesnaught family, Delphox family, Diggersby family, Pyroar family, Gogoat family, Furfrou, Meowstic family, Arbok family, Raichu family, Nidoking family, Nidoqueen family, Golduck family, Dewgong family, Ampharos family, Quagsire family, Granbull family, Delibird, Shiftry family, Exploud family, Delcatty family, Mawile, Wailord family, Spinda, Seviper, Walrein family, Infernape family, Empoleon family, Bibarel family, Pachirisu, Floatzel family, Lopunny family, Lucario family, Rhyperior family, Serperior family, Swoobat family, Scrafty family, Mienshao family, Pangoro family, and Dedenne

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KatSkan    0

I know this was posted quite some time ago, but I'd like to learn my Pokémon fortune, too!  My birthday is 9/16/1994.  

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