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Im PedroKeitawa. I apologize for my very broken english right from the start since is not my forte. I hope i can improve in the future. I found the website last month and i decide to subscribe here, for found new pepole with something in common: Pokèmon. I start get in to the series thanks to Pokémon Red and the anime series when i was a kid, since then i follow the series with up and down with, at the time, stop go after Pokémon in the D/P era becouse i litteraly was the only one how play the game in my town. Other then that i love baseball and Fire Emblem. I especialy love manga from Mitsuru Adachi and Shinji Mizushima and even if i like watch anime i don't follow to much of the new one for my little time i dedicate to see new anime series. I hope i can improve my english and have a good time here in the forum ^_^

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