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What do you think is the best nickname you've come up with?

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Ithsme    120

I love nicknaming my competitive Pokemon, and I would love to hear your best nicknames! This is can type specific, Pokemon specific or anything specific really. I'm just interested in hearing some nicknames you've come up with. Any response is appreciated.


Also, hi, I'm new to the forums. I've been on disqus for a few years now, but I thought that I'd branch out and join the rest of the community.

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Well.... I usually name Pokemon random sets of letters and numbers or nicknames that are plays on the Pokemons name so.... I thought it was kinda funny when I nicknamed my Ekans YLGU, but besides that I give my Pokemon terrible nicknames.

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Mr_Roboduck    13

Just saw this and I have to say my greatest nickname so far has been naming my Goodra "Gojira"  (Godzilla). 

However, my greatest idea for a nickname is something else. If I ever get venomoth I will name him "Mothra" 

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I've started naming my Pokemon since X and Y. I'm super excited to do so in Sun and Moon too. 
I think I've come up with alot of fun nicknames, so I'll list them below: 

Parasect - "Sporedyceps" - (Named after a Fakemon I came up with, and Spore + Cordyceps Mushroom, aka Zombie Fungus)
Shedinja - "Beelzebug" - (Named after Beelzebub + Bug)
Emboar - "Lord Bacon" - (Named after an original character of mine.)
Ludicolo - "Miror B." - (Named after Miror B., since his signature Pokemon is Ludicolo.)
Aegislash - "Hexcalibur" - (Named after the sword, Excalibur, but w/ Hex at the front due to him being part Ghost.)
Magnezone - "HAL 9000" - (Named after HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey.)
Hydreigon - "Maleficent" - (Named after the character of the same name from Sleeping Beauty. She also becomes a black dragon.)
Togekiss - "Crocell" - (Named after a Demon that looks like an angel. He has the ParaFlinch combo for a moveset which makes him evil.)
Medicham - "Peekoe" - (Named after The Great Peekoe from the Gamecube game, Chibi Robo.)
Relicanth - "Edward Bloom" - (Named after the main lead in the film, Big Fish. No spoilers, but naming Relicanth this makes sense once you've seen the movie.)
Slurpuff - "Sucrepere" - (French wording that when translated would equate to "Sugar Daddy". Named this way because of Kalos being France-based.)
Diggersby - "Diggy Smalls" - (Named after the Rapper, Biggie Smalls.)
Barbaracle - "Fontaine" - (Named after Frank Fontaine from the Bioshock Franchise.)
Hawlucha - "Ave Nocturna" - (Spanish wording that translates to "Night Bird". This Hawlucha is shiny, hence the name.)
Venusaur - "I Mean..." - (Named after the "I Mean... Venusaur !" joke in Egoraptor's Pokemon Animation, in which the trainer's Venusaur says this instead of saying "Venusaur" like a normal Pokemon.)

Additionally, I plan to rename My Sandygast/Palossand to the following, as I feel these names are better than what GameFreak came up with:
Sandygast - "Sandume" - (Named after Sand Dune + Doom. I like this name better, as I feel it takes Sandygast's "being made from fainted Pokemon's grudges" idea, and makes it a little more obvious in the name.)

Palossand - "Sandghastle" - (Named after Sandcastle + Ghast. I prefer this name, as it just feels like a name that would fit into the Pokemon universe better. I know GameFreak tends to throw fun little puns in their naming processes, and I just like the sound of this name I came up with better than what they went with.) 

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Malco    64

I think many have thought about this, but Lunala is gonna be "Stellaluna".

It's the first Pokemon even that deserves this nickname.

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