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  1. I just encountered mine in a drawer. It was empty, shocker, so I replaced the battery and connected it. It still had my steps. I apparently have walked 125 km with it. I also have all the event routes. (I can catch a flying or surfing Pikachu!) My SS game is very empty. Most are transferred to X now. I only have the essentials on it and Pokémon that can't be transferred, I mostly use SS to catch Pokémon in Apricorn Pokéballs. It's sad because I love Johto, but it just doesn't have the features XY/ORAS do have. Back to topic. I would love to see a new Pokéwalker one that works with Gen VI and up. They could've done insane promotion for S&M if it existed. Just imagine having an Event Route that shows you eight of the new Pokémon, or maybe even lets you catch them. Maybe Pokémon GO is this? But isn't Pokémon GO made by a whole different company? With the input of Game Freak? So it might still be similar, but no interaction with the main games? What would be sad. But understandable. Please discuss