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  1. I just wanna talk a bit and see what everyone's opinion is about the possibility of a romance aspect in the future Pokemon games. I've been talking about it a lot after I replayed through my old games and then my recent completion of Alpha Sapphire, but I feel that Game Freak has been slowly building up to the possibility of some romance aspect to occur in the game. Throughout the game it almost feels as if your rival (be it May or Brendan) is almost falling for you as the game moves along, which I totally wanted to happen at the end of the Delta episode when the two get back from what I totally call is a date. But every chat the two have throughout the game seem to escalate the feel that your rival is falling in love for you. Not only did I notice this with the rival, but as well with Wally. The way he talks with your character almost feels like he really cares about you and possibly even wants you to 'notice him (senpai)'. And even when it came to Steven. Oh baby! That silver-haired hunk of Pokemon League Champion. Despite the noticeable age difference between him and your character, I totally ship that. But aside from what I noticed, I'd like to offer what I would actually be interested in seeing Game Freak do with upcoming games along with a romance aspect: -Possibly text-based game changes where you can flirt and date during the main plot, -What about an injured pokemon that you help nurture back to health and it falls in love with you, or a pokemon that you have to release or let die to continue in the game. Or a pokemon that befriends you and walks with you and not in a pokeball, but only comes to use during a final battle. Or even the plot designs it to try and kill your actual character and that pokemon takes a knife or a bullet to save you. Anyway, I just wanted to put my perspective and opinions out there. I'm open for suggestions, adjustments, or hate about them. What do you all think?