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Found 2 results

  1. Steel Eevee Form ?

    According to recent reports seen on Otakukart , IGN and other websites, there was a 9th color a "Grey color" spotted in Eevee's Z Move Extreme Evoboost. Though it's not shown on screen it maybe possible that Eevee with get a new Steel Form. I guess we will either find out on October 4th or on the game's release. If you would like to know more there is link to the story below. http://www.gamenguide.com/articles/49606/20160927/pokemon-sun-and-moon-latest-news-release-date-update-new-evolution-for-eevee-to-be-available-for-sun-and-moon-games.htm
  2. New Leaks - Kalos will be playable after the main story is over. You’ll go there to defeat the gyms/Pokémon league and to learn about mega evolution. The “sprout island” on the map resembles Kalos. Your character and your mom moved from Kalos to Alola. - There will be no new mega evolutions. - There will be 21 Alola forms total - The Alola pokédex has about 220 Pokémon in total and 95 are new Pokémon - Marshadow will be Dark/Fairy and Rockruff only has ONE evolution - The starters/Rockruff’s Evolutions/Legendaries (including Marshadow)/ and the Kalos starters will have different forms after they perform their own specific Z move. Ash-Greninja, Full sun and Full moon are an example of these forms, they will have a slight power increase but not much else - Rowlet’s Z move is a gigantic wooden arrow being launched at high speed Litten’s Z move RKOs the opponent Popplio’s Z move is a song that surrounds the opponent and then explodes Rockruff’s Z move is a howl at the moon which then fires a strong beam at the opponent (Rockruff evolves after using its Z move for the first time) Greninja’s Z move is the giant shuriken seen in the Anime Chesnaught’s Z move rolls over the opponent with its pin Delphox’s Z move will be a “psychic” inferno Solgaleo and Lunala’s Z moves were partially seen in previous trailers Marshadow’s Z move has Marshadow levitating and then uses an eclipse attack (like solgaleo and Lunala) - The artificial island is team skull’s headquarter - Mimikyu, Bruxish, comfey, and Bounsweet all get a one stage evolution - There is going to be a strong Steel/Dragon type Monster and a Fighting/Dark gorilla Pokémon