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Found 1 result

  1. This is based upon Pokemon Ruby, not Omega Ruby. Because OR changed the story entirely so Maxie seems like the bad guy... We all know team Magma, the team that wants to raise the lands and unleashed Groudon's wrath. You, the main character, had to stop Maxie and his team of grunts from expanding these lands. But there is one thing the game just glosses over, the reason Maxie wants to do this, and once you take his reason into perspective, it is very interesting. Here is a quote from Maxie the first time you meet him in the Oceanic Museum in Pokemon Ruby Version: 'Why on earth do you feel compelled to mess up Team Magma's plans? Pokemon, people, all life exists on land... That's why Team Magma is trying to expand the world's landmass. Don't you agree?' I couldn't agree more! His reasoning makes sense, lets take a look at the Pokedex, shall we: There is 593 Pokemon that live on land (yes I know some are legendaries from different dimensions and stuff, but you see them walk/land on the ground, not sea. Also I took Lugia and Stunfisk out). That is almost 6/7 of the Pokedex that depends on land, expanding the land mass is a good cause for Pokemon. How will water Pokemon be impacted, eh? Well Hawaii is slowly growing and nothing seems to be happening to the ocean, but this is on a much larger scale. If you think about the displacement of water, it's pretty hard to add more land without having to get rid of water. Water is a fixed source on earth, always going through a cycle, so removing a chunk of water could impact the earth quite drastically. But since this is Pokemon, and Pokemon can create rain out of nothing, this doesn't matter. Now let's talk about what happens to human life. Land price will ultimately go down. More land, less cost. So getting a house will not be a problem for people who don't get much money. An that's about it. If Pokemon is like earth, then the population is rising, so more land could support everyone. So yeah, human life is all good with this. The problem with Team Magma was the execution. The Mt Chimney and Meteorite plan would've expanded the land mass, but you stopped them, ultimately giving them time to get the Blue Orb and unleash Groudon. Here is where there plan could've worked perfectly, but I think the Old Lady let him take the Blue Orb instead of Red, not realizing what would happen when he uses it on Groudon. So who is the bad guy here? Yes, the old lady on Mt Pyre. If you go through the cutscene with the Old Lady it seems as if she doesn't know what these Orbs do, as she just wants them to be together. But they do know what the Orbs do, when you talk to the man he tells you a tale about the Orbs calming the beasts. When you calm the beast with the Orb you can capture it in Ruby. The old people didn't want to let Maxie have that power of capturing Groudon, so they just gave him the Blue Orb, which gave Maxie twice the power, as the sun was too bright. Wow, good job worthless old people on Mt Pyre, you doomed us all. Maxie had no intentions of making earth entirely land, but more of a 50/50 split. So in conclusion, Maxie had an amazing plan, using lava to expand the landmass, controlling Groudon to expand the landmass, but they were both foiled by you and the old grandma. There was no greed in his plan, there was no harm in his plan, all they wanted to do was help, you (Brendan/May) were just too focused on being a recognized hero in Hoenn. You and Team Aqua just HAD to be the good guys, that's why you can't use Groudon to expand the landmass now, because that would show that you liked Team Magma's idea and would ruin your reputation. Team Magma weren't the bad guys, you were. Not my art btw Now if you don't agree with me on this, we can agree on one thing... Team Aqua's plan was just awful. Who needs more seawater? Wouldn't all of the salt water just mix in with the fresh water and lead the planet into a water crisis? Yeah, sorry Archie, that just sucks. This entire thing is probably just me sucking up to Maxie, but c'mon, Team Magma has had the best plan out of any team. It was beneficial for the planet, it was beneficial for EVERYONE, but as you know, these 10 years always have to screw it up. This is probably just a scramble of ideas, so don't get mad at me