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Found 3 results

  1. Okay, I give up. I use the mobile version of this site and couldn't find an option to post a status anywhere, so I figured maybe the mobile view of the site was just missing the feature. But now I wanted to post something so badly that I opened up my laptop for the first time in months to access the site there, and I just spent a good 15 minutes looking around and STILL can't find an option to post a status. So I give up! Where is it? It's somewhere super obvious, isn't it.
  2. Identified as spam :(

    About a month ago, I meant to comment on the Sun/Moon news but I accidentally posted it on an older post that I had open in another tab. Disquus says I was marked as spam and it was supposed to work on it when I said that it wasn't spam. It's been weeks and I still get the same message and apparently it keeps my comments on PokeJungle from showing since then. I'd just like to know if something could possibly be done about that, please? I like this community and being kept away from it for a stupid mistake is disheartening Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.
  3. Hello everyone , over time I've found some pretty handy subreddits for us Pokémon trainers. !!Most of these Pokémon are created. Not caught, or bred!! If interested in any of the subreddits, please read their rules first! --- www.reddit.com/r/BreedingDittos/ - Breeding Ditto's. This subreddit gives out 6 IV Ditto's just to help. They trade trough GTS and only have two rules. Only one Ditto per person, and your Reddit account has to exist for at least two weeks or longer. www.reddit.com/r/morebreedingdittos/ - More breeding Ditto's. Same format only they more options. Go here to receive a 0 IV Speed Ditto. They also have Hidden Power Ditto's. www.reddit.com/r/Pokemongiveaway/ - Here people give away Pokémon, this can be Breedjects but also BankBalls, shiny's and legendaries. You can also yourself host a give away, instead of say Wondertrade them all. All trading goes trough GTS so no messing with friendcodes. www.reddit.com/r/BreedablePokemon/ - One of the most powerful ones. You can request a Pokémon. Any Pokémon, you decide what moves it has what IV's and EV's. Illegal moves are not allowed just as TM and MoveTutor, however Illegal Pokéballs are allowed. www.reddit.com/r/BankBallExchange/ - Looking for that one Pokémon in that special Pokéball? You will probably find it here. www.reddit.com/r/WonderTrade/ - Do you want to play a game? Try the WonderTrade subreddit. Here people announce what they will we Wondertrading, and giving you a 'chance' to get one. --- There are also multiple trade subreddits, you can find links to them in most sidebars of these subreddits. If you also have a subreddit you use or used that would fit in here please share it in the comments.