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Found 1 result

  1. Disclaimer: Beyond Level 1 is a review of a game starting from the checkpoint of defeating the first boss of a game. After all tutorial levels and battles shouldn't be counted in how a game is to give you what you deserve for a game but it is where the real battle begins as they can either fail you or help you get deeper into a game. Take this in mind though. This is just this reviewer's opinion and may not fall in line with the line of how you rate the game. After all, everyone has an opinion. Thank you. = It’s not always Black or White but your heart always knows what’s right…but let the Journey begin! We are in a full reset here in Pokémon at this point and also another experimentation of Pokémon. With the introduction to triple battles, Rotations, and improved wi-fi and communications that make for a very interesting experience that no other game can relate to. Yet this took out some of the stables of Pokémon and replaced them with…other stuff that isn’t as relatable as one can imagine. Let’s run down the world of- correction… TWO worlds of Pokémon and see how Gray this game is. Also due to this being a SEQUAL generation, the sequel is going to get rated on what it has over the other. And with that, we are on the way to seeing the truth of such ideals accomplish. Control – (BW = Gold/B2W2 =Gold) If you’ve played Pokémon Gen 4 then this shouldn’t be too complex. You can move in the 4 compass directions and run after you get some shoes. Though of course, you can touch to battle through in this there was at the least it isn’t too bad as the controls are simple. Though one can hope it can get better. Story – (BW =Silver/B2W2 =Gold) Black and White had the story of the villain team wanting people and Pokémon to part ways. This honestly could work in concept… except in this game. (Spoilers Zone =>) Of course, N didn’t seem like the real villain but the puppet for who was really in charge. When N left the group, the real villain went to a pure terrorist mode and was fighting to try to make the world into a never-ending winter. (<=Spoilers Zone) In this the story, you obtain quite a number of twists and even have the gym leaders out and rocking a bit more than normal. And give cheers for the fact you can get character growth in this than most other generations. The bigger difference is kind of where you get certain things from the region. Content – (BW =Bronze/B2W2 =Gold) In Black and White, while you have the capturing, outside of it wasn’t much. You got the train station and seasonal Pokémon but that’s mostly it. In B2 & W2, they gave you Pokéstar Studios, a lot more Pokémon and the best drama and action-packed arena of all time: the Pokémon World Tournament! Players are pitted one on one with the all-stars of Pokémon, of ALL kinds, and against Gym Leaders, the Champions of the Pokémon league and for a time, against REAL players. Pure unfiltered, GOLD quality found right in that one spot. Flow – (BW =Gold/B2W2 =Silver) This is where I will refer back to the story section a bit, in the story, you are given more of a free-flowing story since you have to literally fight the villain team after getting issued a challenge to stop them by getting all the badges and becoming stronger and searching for the legendary Pokémon of the game and it gave you dire want to at least get to the gyms and stop the trouble before it is too late. On the other side, the story is not as dynamic and more exploding into your face as things happen and yet you need to make a detour before you are able to take on the big bad. Trust me when I say the flow of the first outpaced the second in my opinion Bosses – (BW =Gold /B2W2 =Gold) You’ll get a big kick out of the fact each of them got a personality in their gyms, in their battle talk and how they make the story grow. But be ready to not be in for a good ride if you think it’ll be easy at about gym 4 or so. Overall – (BW = Silver/B2W2 =Silver) A good Pokémon game has always been tricky to gain and in a sense this was supposed to be a reset to the world and have everyone experience things that were once upon a time new to everyone, not fluffing it up with pass Pokémon. Though this might have done a bit too much in the process. [-|-|-] And as we leave the Unova region there is only two region left to go. Get ready to stay fresh.