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Found 1 result

  1. Disclaimer: Beyond Level 1 is a review of a game starting from the checkpoint of defeating the first boss of a game. After all tutorial levels and battles shouldn't be counted in how a game is to give you what you deserve for a game but it is where the real battle begins as they can either fail you or help you get deeper into a game. Take this in mind though. This is just this reviewer's opinion and may not fall in line with the line of how you rate the game. After all, everyone has an opinion. Thank you. = We will be heroes. We can change the world if we try. Yep. We have reached the point where Pokémon, especially legendaries got into a VERY larger scale as we gotten the chance to battle with the gods of Space, Time, alternate realities and more. Lore of the Pokémon world is likely centered in this generation and oddly fitting with the location of Hearthome City having of all things a church. But it’s here we can at least get a feel for this since this was the first of the generations to introduce the world of WI-FI to Pokémon. It’s going to be a bumpy ride. And for those paying attention, due to all the generation being together in one, unless/until a remake is done, this game will be counted as one so no splits here. Control – (Gold) This is a good system to move about, pick your moves via touch screen which really should be done with more and even applications that should be in every Pokémon game. Too bad this forsaken in later generations but there’s hope for it. At least you can keep track of legendries without needing to open the map in your dex and go looking for it. That I will give credit where it is due since personally some of those were GREAT. Story – (Gold) This is where the fact there’s so many legends here. The main story specially says it as the villain team is set to get the god of time/space/dimensions to make the world their own. For the most focused and dangerous of villains then look no further than with the one and only Cyrus. He’s thinking he’ll be the hero if he altered the world and at times, one can feel sorry for the guy…UNTIL you realize that the guy is trying to even upstage the god of Pokémon by making a world of his own and even using the beings of Emotion, Knowledge, and Courage (willpower but courage works considering.) and making the chains that could potentially capture the gods of Pokémon. A word of advice people: DON’T LET PEOPLE LIKE HIM GET POWER! Content – (Gold) There are contests, the final breath of gambling which can distract you but also there’s a lot of Pokémon that could catch. Of course, there’s plenty to do thanks to Wifi and fun too. This will be one to really sink your teeth into if you care about content, especially in platinum where the 5 battle symbols are ready. Flow – (Silver) As far as the story goes, the experience is roller coaster styled in a bad way that we do get a story but some of the gyms they aren’t strung together and it kind of saddened me since a story writer could see the gyms that aren’t linked to the storyline as fluff. In fact, it would benefit if there were fewer gyms at times if it can work with the story. Anyone that can stand how it is running is a good way I applaud you. Bosses – (Metal) I’ll say this now. The gym leaders were more of humor and the like and were kind of easier to understand that what they gave us when looking back to them. The thing that kind of saves this from stone is Cyrus and Cynthia battle-wise and Platinum for designs. In the original Gyms had a little flavor in a sense that kind of was a bore in some places and even annoying. In the Platinum version, they boosted some of this up and made it better. In battle, Cynthia was a champion you can’t be fully prepared for and Cyrus is the kind of monstrous character you’d love to have met your Home Run Bat. Overall – (Silver) This was a rocky start in trying to pull Pokémon into the online world but it is something to remember for sure. Get ready to get back to basics in a sense when we go to the region of Unova and discover how deeply logic can go. [-|-|-] And by the by ladies and gentlemen… Arceus is better than lord Helix from a lore standpoint.