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  1. Disclaimer: Beyond Level 1 is a review of a game starting from the checkpoint of defeating the first boss of a game. After all tutorial levels and battles shouldn't be counted in how a game is to give you what you deserve for a game but it is where the real battle begins as they can either fail you or help you get deeper into a game. Take this in mind though. This is just this reviewer's opinion and may not fall in line with the line of how you rate the game. After all, everyone has an opinion. Thank you. = Take a step and I’m on my way. Gonna start all over again. For many of us, the line I used to open this is from the anime’s opening and in a sense, it is how we ALL started to decline from Pokémon. This has introduced a new battle style that is used in this world and yet pulled a few punches in ways. Get set to have some worlds rocked. Control – (RSE = Gold/ ORAS = Platinum) This is the generation that the mechanic of Running was introduced. A very simple thing but it was well worth it. Also in the remix (ironically), the idea of sneaking up on Pokémon came into view too. One can only imagine how handy some of the stuff is in this generation and minus the controls normal bumpy roads it was well worth the exploration of the region… even if you’ll need a Lapras to carry you to the last fourth of the way. Story – (RSE = Silver/ ORAS = Silver) The story is a bit different and in a good sense. You got two rival groups trying to either make land on earth at the expense of water or make Seaworld 2 appear in a children’s game and we know how that went if you saw that movie. Even if the story is about the same, there is the temptation to make the metal rank lower for the fact the rival’s story wasn’t good at all (thank Wally’s growth for this. If you discover the fact he beat some gyms before you after you trounce him in another city and then somehow caught up to you/blocks your way to the Elite four to give you one more battle for a time. For best results, listen to the song that plays during the remix). Content – (RSE = Gold/ ORAS = Silver) There’s a lot to look about but the fact ORAS gets the silver is because of the end game in a sense. Emerald pushed RSE into gold for a reason that honestly was fun and challenging: The Battle Frontier! Pokémon had more than one championship battle style back then. Tournament Mode, Battle Tower, The Pyramid quest, Lady Luck, relying on your own Pokémon to battle on their own, and of course… the Dojo! ORAS has…the Battle Resort. This is something that has happened in Gen 6 (which you’ll see when we get to in part 6.) but it’s not improved or given variety. And rant all you want, but there’s content you gotta see in Emerald to enjoy more than ORAS. Flow – (RSE = Gold/ORAS = Gold) If you mind the fact you’ll be exploring a lot for Pokémon in places where one TM is needed then this is a bit of a stretch for you but then again if it was perfect then try backtracking to certain places on foot. (A bit of a fact: if you do see the map, then you’ll be able to travel to at least 4 and at best 5 of the gyms via footwork and able to kind of back to them easily with not needing the move required for going over water. The challenge: name them.) In the Remakes you would at times get automatically transported to your next location but be sure to be aware of what is said since if you are saying yes to a quick transport you might need to backtrack after a bit to train. Something to keep in mind. Bosses – (RSE = Gold/ ORAS = Gold) There is a special quirk to this that I do like in these games in the fact they got a personality in their gyms a lot more than normal here. Brawly with his gym wanting to challenge you in the most out there way, the Winona and her lock you out gym, Norman’s simplicity, Flannery’s steaming pathway to-…I’ll stop there before I give fan writers something to work with there. And let’s not forget the ONLY double battle in Gym History so far. I’m waiting for my Rotation battle Gym Leader Game Freak. MAKE IT SO! And Don’t make me wait for too many generations for it! Overall – (RSE = Silver /ORAS = Silver) The generation that introduced us to double battles, better Pokémon breeding, and even some concepts not done any other time was a rare one, though for some this was the point they jumped off and never came back for a while. For some, this was a new adventure and despite the difficulties, it was still fun and minus a fact you needed a LOT of the games to catch almost all 386 Pokémon was where it was about just reaching the highest you can go and work with the ones that make sense to you. [-|-|-] But be ready to go from legendary monsters that sculpted the planet to …a very odd place to find the epicenter of Pokémon.