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Found 2 results

  1. Before I start I would like to say something. I don't know why there isn't this thread on this new forum yet, so I might as well make one. Also I have never really shared my top 10 favorite Pokemon so... here we go! Make sure to say your top 10 below! If there are is anything I spelled incorrectly and/or grammar issues, just tell me. 10. Machoke I know, you may say, "WHY NOT MACHAMP?" well... my brother would never trade with me to get me my Machamp, I had a cable and everything! But Machoke and his purpleness was amazing anyways! And he learned Revenge and that animation tho! (This was in Ruby, I really only played that as a kid) 9. Hydreigon When I first played BW, I didn't want to train a Deino, It looked weak. And Zweilous looked twice as weak (ha, get it). But once I saw Ghetsis's Hydreigon I was like "I need it!" So i grabbed my Zweilous and trained it up... to level 55 and gave up. The only thing holding this down to 8 is the dumb level 64 evolution. Btw, I have one now, just saying. 8. Altaria IT'S SO POOFY AND CUTE! Yep, I always get a Swablu when I can, but when I do their is usually [number 5] in the game... My sister had a Swablu plush when I was a kid, I think she still has it, I still want it. 7. Swampert My first ever starter, thus, my very first Pokemon (Mudkip if you want to get technical). Mudkip looked so cute (and it was a water type) and Swampert looked like a BEAST! I always left one slot left to use the Earthquake TM on him (I was a kid, I didn't realize you could just level him up to get Earthquake) and used it against Groudon for neutral damage for an easy capture. Overall, Swampert will always have a special place, and will NEVER leave the list (he will probably just stay at 10 if Sun and Moon bring some goodies) Was number 1 when I was a kid. 6. Flygon I know this is the second Hoenn dragon, but what can I say? I love em! The thing I loved about Flygon was it's red eye shield things. I loved red as a kid and those red details were ? Also it's a friggen dragon. I swear this is the last Dragon! 5. Aggron I was a very lazy trainer back in the day, with my only Pokemon strong enough to take the E4 was Swampert (like I said above) in Ruby. But I loved Aggron so much, so I always picked up a Lairon in Victory Road, trained it up, and had my 2nd team member. the other 4 were HM slaves and/or Revive/Heal fodder. 4. Lilligant I know, very girly. But I just love it's design, and it's ability Chlorophyll, which goes very well with Ca- my number 1 slot. Also used it in my BW and BW2 playthrough! 3. Regirock This is the only legendary on the list, I promise. When I was a kid I went on Youtube (or was it Youtube? Maybe it was too long ago to be youtube) and I looked up how to get the Regis in Pokemon Ruby, I saw them in a book and I wanted them. It looked so fake because it told you to put Relicanth in front and Wailord in the back of the party, it looked dumb! But in a hotel room (mind you, this was weeks later, I dunno how I remembered what to do at age 4 or 5) I randomly found a Relicanth, and I had a Wailord that had all the Water HMs on it with me. So I went to the currents past Pacifilog Town, and tried, over and over until I got to the spot. When I ended up at the cave I was surprised, a little hope that this would work sparked in my mind. I then used dig at the wall, a hole opened up. Inside my mind I am screaming as I walk up to the back wall. I close my eyes and click 'A'... nothing happens... I was devastated. I swear I had the right Pokemon! I swear they were in the right order- wait... I switched them because I had Relicanth in back for some reason and then clicked 'A'... SHAKE... CRASH. CRASH. CRASH... silence... I remember seeing a weird rock at Route 111 so... I saw there was a door on the rock now. I used Strength on every spot of the room until... the door opened. I walked inside and saw it, Regirock was standing there... I screamed in happiness. I ran over to my brother and sister and said, "HEY LOOK IT WORKED!" and clicked a on the beast. The music captivated me within seconds... I love it! I just sat there, my head bobbing to the music... ah those were some good times. This is why it is at number 3... the memories! 2. Kingler THOSE CLAWS THOUGH! I love this thing. I honestly hope there is an Alolan form too. I love its high attack/defense, and the fact it is a KING! Which makes it the best water type and crab thing imo. I know this is tiny compared to Regirock, but still.... King... ler. 1. Cameupt No one saw this coming! My love for camels, and Igneous's sad death in my Ruby Nuzlocke that I did 3 years ago (Screw you, Earthquake Metagross from Steven!) made me fall in love with this Pokemon. I was so hyped for his mega evolution in ORAS. Once I saw the mega stone on Maxie I literally screamed. I just love it. Also if you couldn't tell Hoenn was my boi. CAMERUPT IS AWESOME!!! Thanks for reading this far mine! Also I tried to find RSE styled sprites for Hydreigon and Lilligant but couldn't find any. I like Ruby and I wanted to show that through the sprites because when I think of 7 of these I think of those exact sprites. Share your list below!