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Found 1 result

  1. PokéScribbles!

    We all have or have seen some great fanart in Pokemon, it drives us, moves us, and at times even makes us think deeper about the species. I am here today presenting the idea of sharing Pokemon art you made in this topic, for all to see! The idea behind this is to inspire Pokejungle fans to get creative about the species they love and know so well, or tell into the realm beyond the lore of the strange and amazing monsters with pictures, artwork, animations, and other visual medias that can be shown here. Because this is listed in the Pokemon set of Categories, I would like to ask if you only share adaptations of pokemon confirmed to exist in some way from the anime, card games, video games, or other official elements. In other words, no fakemon, fusions (other than the known and confirmed) or gag pokemon. OCs and Pokesonas are welcome as long as they are based on real pokemon and do not detract or take away from the chance for everyone to enjoy. (No spamming stuff about you OC or Pokesona, you don't wanna have it pushed in your face, so don't do it to others.) Also, I would recommend if you do post, offer at least one art for us to observe, so the next person has something meaningful to comment on, if you are not an artist, share something inspiring to you! So to start us off, here's my Version of The Rotom Pokedex: And begin~