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Found 2 results

  1. The Pokemon Transport and Bank updates are fast approaching, and I've been looking everywhere for a list of moves that will be "exclusive" to Pokemon who have come from the virtual console games (Red, Blue & Yellow). I couldn't find one, so I did the research and made my own! Now we don't know yet if Pokemon will actually be allowed to keep these moves, or be allowed in competitions at any rate, but in case they are it's useful to have a list of moves that you cannot get in Gen VII except by transferring a Pokemon forward from Generation 1. You can find the list here: http://pastebin.com/F5cb3Yt4 The list shows only the most evolved in each evolution line (including evolutions introduced in later generations) and also shows which moves are exclusively learned by a pre-evolution, which ones are learned only in red, blue or yellow etc. Most of the moves are kind of garbage competitively (for example almost everything can learn rage & mimic in gen 1) but there are a few useful moves & move combos you may want to try out! Let me know your favourites below
  2. Hi, I've been playing Pokémon Yellow the last couple of weeks and I'm taking my time. I was around eight when I first got Pokémon Blue and not knowing a word of English I forced my way to the end. Now I'm talking to everyone and everything. To really get the story this time. I'm only at the fourth GYM but I got caught up in the Game Corner, trying to get a Porygon.. Just 5000 more coins to go! My current team; - Pikachu - Primeape - Fearow - Nidoqueen I was surprised how tougher these games are than the new ones. I haven't run from any Pokémon and battled every trainer I could find still my Pokémon are barely on the same level as the trainers. I only have four Pokémon at the moment how will this go when I add Porygon? (I will, I will get one.) Anyway discuss below.