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Found 1 result

  1. Super Mario Maker levels?

    Does anybody else here like Super Mario Maker as much as me? It's been out for over a year now and I still play it on a semi-regular basis. I thought this might be a nice thread for anybody to share good levels they've made. One thing that really annoys me about the game is that Nintendo will remove your levels from Course World if they don't get enough plays - and then you can no longer upload those levels again. I know I've made a couple levels that I feel really strong about, but they got removed because people just don't find them (advertising them on Instagram only does so much..) To start things off, here are the codes to my new, 4-part adventure: Flying Home. Mario is kidnapped and needs to get home urgently! ESCAPE: 17B8-0000-02B5-4D46 THE FOREST: B268-0000-02B5-4DD5 STOW AWAY: 2C56-0000-02B5-4DE6 FLYING HOME: 283A-0000-02B5-4EC1