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Found 1 result

  1. Disclaimer: Beyond Level 1 is a review of a game starting from the checkpoint of defeating the first boss of a game. After all tutorial levels and battles shouldn't be counted in how a game is to give you what you deserve for a game but it is where the real battle begins as they can either fail you or help you get deeper into a game. Take this in mind though. This is just this reviewer's opinion and may not fall in line with the line of how you rate the game. After all, everyone has an opinion. Thank you. === (Note this was done during the 20th of Pokemon.) I wanna be the very best like no one ever was… to catch them is my real quest to train them is my cause. Pokémon has been with us for nearly 20 years now (Happy Birthday even if I’m late to that party.) and for some of us, it’ll make us feel like we are FOSSIL Pokémon ourselves. This writer surely does. So to at least to get ready for what lies ahead Beyond Level 1 will be doing Pokémon reviews of each Generation and in turn will do any remixes that the generation had as well. Here goes! Control – (RBY = Bronze or Silver/FRLG = Silver) It’s easy to understand and how to control the character. Up, Left, Right, & Down. Each square that you can travel on, be it by foot, or water Pokémon; is easy wouldn’t see a change in this for 5 generations. Though for speeding up the process we wouldn’t see that until the third generation which FRLG are a part of. Though they didn’t add much to the controls (and to be fair, the simple battle system is understandable to all and will be mentioned in other reviews but is kinda the same) but adding a run button in FRLG did help with the pacing by allowing you to run…granted you get them after the first gym but that’s easy to do with the right Pokémon. Story – (RBY = Silver/FRLG = Silver) Who can forget how this all started? You are a young boy, starting your world and you got the chance to make your mark in the world. First pick your hero (Bulbasaur the Grass and Poison seedling to endure and thrive at its own pace, Charmander the little flicker of flame ready to become an inferno no one can deny, and Squirtle the drop of rain who can grow up to become a flood of defensive power.) and after getting the mail for your professor your journey begins! From there you not only progress to get the icons of your journey but also destroy a Pokémon criminal organization. All the while be ready to have one phrase poking you over and over again: “SMELL YA LATER!” Content – (RBY = Gold/FRLG = Gold) If you can play Rock Paper Scissors, then you can understand the BASE of this game. Though in RBY there are only 15 different types, 17 in the remake of it and the lot of it depends on one thing: Try to catch them all. Though in Generation 4 things deeply grew, in the first gen it wasn’t too big of an RPG like standing. You have the original 151 and it grew to 386 to catch (as of FRLG), most of which you had to do certain events to obtain which will haunt people who want the Pokedex Completed with every Pokémon. Flow – (RBY = Platinum/FRLG = Platinum) Pokémon is the kind of game that is a very good RPG game to teach someone about the true base mechanics of the game type. Though there are other RPG games I can recommend (Epic Battle Fantasy 3 and 4 come to mind for this one which is on numerous flash based websites but will recommend Newgrounds though Steam and the like are getting it too along with extra content.) this is one of those games for the portable that has not been challenged strongly in ages, minus the timely look about to find Surf/Strength and the like (here’s a hint: The moves that will allow you to get through a lot of places via water and move obstacles are in Fuchsia City, but that’s all you’re getting here). Bosses – (RBY = Silver/FRLG = Gold) The boss characters can vary in difficulty but can spike up the hardness if you aren’t prepared, especially if you went with the young flame for your starting hero. A little recommendation for those who have gotten the fire starter: Look at all the areas you can access before gym 1, it’ll give you a big helping hand. Also a big tip to all players of the game: Variety is the spice of life and having variety helps a lot when picking the fighters you’ll go through. Overall – (RBY = Silver /FRLG = Silver) The Games of this generation has been a wonderful opening and the remakes make them more tolerable than one can imagine. As the game series grows, so too does the tale of a young player, going on adventures with a band of creatures that can grow as you do better, they do so too. And to think this series inspired such difficulties that are put on our own selves and allowed a community to become a Pokémon gamer by many different means. I don’t see Pokémon going away anytime but for the future of this series, it began with such humbleness and lore to appeal to all. [-|-|-] And people wonder how Digimon got trounced in the beginning.