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  1. Team Rocket Wish to fight!

    We now know that all the past team leaders are in the game. How do you feel about it now?
  2. Pokemon 8 gen leaks

    We know basically nothing of USUM and got so much information so far on Gen 8? I really doubt so.
  3. Ribbons? Yay or Nay?

    Any particular reason you don't?
  4. USUM up what you want in this game!

    New Ribbons. Everything else will be fine, but new ribbons will mean more to do for me.
  5. Pokemon Gold & Silver Party?

    The thing is, I am trying to use pokes I've never used before, but the game makes it kinda hard. For example, I'd love to have a Houndoom as my fire pokemon, but it is only available in Kanto. A Lapras would be nice, but I need to surf for it, so by the time I'm able to catch one, my water pokemon will be way up in level. And that happens with almost all of my pokes.
  6. Ribbons? Yay or Nay?

    Hello everyone, Haven't been here in quite some time, but I wanted to share this... After a really long time, and almost a year since Sun/Moon came out, I was able to beat the Battle Maison and obtain the Expert Battler Ribbon on my Scizor. I then transfered it to Alola and got the four new ribbons they had in there. Here's the picture: We are officially ready for Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon !
  7. First memory about Pokemon

    My first memory of pokemon ever was in a videogame club (I didn't have any consoles so I had to go to a club and rent one hour to play games) and in one of the shelves was this little plastic orb with some kind of monster inside. The monster itself didn't look near as cool as the artwork behind it... It was a big turtle with two cannons on its back! So menacing! That was the first time I ever read "Pokemon". After that I got myself a copy of a magazine, it was a special edition of the magazine specially for pokemon, back in 1999. After reading about pokemon and the games, and the anime, all I ever wanted was to play the pokemon games. So I worked my butt off selling bags of water and washing cars so I could purchase a gameboy pocket and a pokemon blue cartridge, which I did and was the most happy kid in all my island. I played it everywhere, I easily poured 500 hours into that thing... Wish I still had that cartridge, but back in that day all I could afford was to finish a game and then trade it for another one, so I only had one game at a time.
  8. Shiny Pokemon Stories!

    Yes, I meant the new pentagon. The pentagon was a mean to tell that a pokemon came from Gen VI where they supposedly implemented new anti hacking features. It was just a mean to get the hacked pokemon out of the competitive.
  9. Shiny Pokemon Stories!

    That has yet to be confirmed.
  10. Pokemon from Important OT

    And Cynthia's Garchomp has been made available to all qualified players. Be sure to get yours before Sept. 22.
  11. Sun or Moon?

    My situation exactly.
  12. Pokemon from Important OT

    Great, hit me up whenever you want to trade.
  13. Do you nickname your Pokémon?

    I always nickname my starter. And the members of my team are always named. I usually name it the first name that comes to my mind, but mostly they are real names. My Scizor is named Striker. My Electivire is named Enel (from One Piece). My Heart Gold Typhlosion is named Kenta. My Pearl's Infernape is named Ifrit. My Black's Emboar is named Gordon. My X's Greninja is named Kakashi. My Alpha Sapphire's Swampert is named Finn. So yeah, pretty random names.
  14. Pokemon from Important OT

    Yes, I have a spare one. Wanna trade? I really want that Dragonite. I did. I got Kling, Purrloin, Darmanitan, Zorua, Swoobat, Boldore, and Tympole.
  15. Shiny Pokemon Stories!

    This weekend I went on the lookout for both of Basculin shiny forms. Got Red Stripe Basculin on Saturday and then Blue Stripe Basculin on Sunday. They are pretty easy to catch on XY. Now I have all four versions of Basculin in my box in pokebank where I keep different pokemon formes. Probably should catch a new one for my shiny living dex. While looking for Basculin I found two Poliwhirls, one of them is now a Poliwrath. Both on my shiny living dex pokebank boxes.