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  1. MMORPGs: What are you playing?

    Naruto shippuden uktimate ninja storm 4. Im playing that now till pokemon sun and moon come out
  2. Pokémon Sun & Moon Discussion

    Maybe the moon will fall down to the earth or the sun and you have to get the Zygarde's perfect form to stop it.
  3. Introduction

    Hi everone!! My name is mr.Samurott. I've been a pokejungle fan since 2013, when pokemon XY released. It was cool to talk sbout the news of pokmeon xy. Now that we're getting a new pokemon, I looking forward to to start talking in pokemonjungle. Really miss those time. Hope to all the new pokejungle fans to enjoy all our comments and post snd to start participating. best regard. Mr.Samurott.