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  1. So is there gonna be a set time when I can start challenging leaders?
  2. Merry Christmas! Sorry I've been gone for so long guys. It's been really hard for me to go on, but it's break now so.... Hey :)

  3. Talking about Necrozma

    It makes hand actions that are similar to Guzma's. GuZMA? NecroZMA?
  4. Black Friday is closing in. I have 6 days to decide whether I'm getting Sun or Moon. Moon had always been my first choice, I love Lunaala and The night time scenery, but Sun's version exclusives seem better to me. This may just be the toughest decision I've ever had to face.

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    2. Chaabani Montassar

      Chaabani Montassar

      you can play heads or tails by flipping a coin!



    3. Chaabani Montassar

      Chaabani Montassar

      plz..can you follow me ! I'm from TUNISIA

      I will receive my copy of pokémon sun by delivery from France..maybe next Thursday or Friday

      It was a tough decision whether I 'm getting sun or moon..but when I chose to flip a coin in summer i get SUN as a result !

    4. Nomyt


      You can always buy both. ;) All joking aside, I know what you mean. Moon will be my game, but some of the sun exclusives are  better. :/

  5. Unpopular Opinion: I wanna keep Cosmog as a Cosmog.

    1. SyupendousStufful101


      are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Nomyt


      I know what you mean. It looks cute, and I like it and the evo.

  6. can you follow me, cuz I'm following you, too

    1. Green


      Of course.

      But I really think you should EARN followers rather than asking people to follow you.

    2. SyupendousStufful101
  7. Worst Sun and Moon Showdown!

    I like them all. I can't choose. If I HAVE to pick, Solgaleo.
  8. My new Pokémon Artwork (give a note)

    I love it! Just one note: Mew's eyes are kinda creepy. Other than that, great job!
  9. So, Serenotic's comment on Pokéjungle got me wondering, what would you like to see turned into a Pokémon. This could be anything. I'll start us out with this:
  10. If I was a fairy leader, my theme would be a bakery. After battling me I'd give you a "rare artifact" (poffin) If you ARE gonna go with THAT idea, then.... Aroma badge?
  11. I thought of extra names after seeing your badge, Star. Etiquette badge and Essence badge.
  12. I love it! I was gonna make a bunch of egg jokes, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. Fable badge, Glitter badge, Dream badge, Enchant badge, Heaven Badge, Mystic Badge, Fantasy badge.
  14. @Ithsme I have a name for your badge. Or.. well... Names. Cloud badge, Heaven badge, Nimbus badge, Stratus Badge. I didn't say they were GOOD names