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  1. Star, if your really making a small scale Jade Jungle then here take some of my Fakemons for it! 

    (You can make movesets for them and stat totals) 

    -Venkamoi- Flying 

    Ability: Aerilate, Huge Power 

    It's Yellow and jet like in looks with Teal outlining.

    -Bralf and Brak- Grass

    Ability: Thick Fat, Sap Sipper

    Bralf evolves into Brak at lvl.35

    -Guardall- Steel 

    Ability: Wonder Guard

    -Mantimp and Shrimpout- Water/Fighting 

    Ability: Iron Fist, Vital Spirit

    Mantimp evolves into Shrimpout when it learns Mach Punch at level 22

    -Lunacoon and Stellaroon- Dark

    Ability: Skill Link 

    Lunacoon evolves into Stellaroon at level 27

    I'll post Pictures of designs in a bit when I finish them and I hope you decide to use them :)