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  1. Pokemon Rad Red Version (ROM hack)

    Where is the invisible barrier? I'll be sure to fix that.
  2. Pokemon Rad Red Version (ROM hack)

    The same as Primal Kyogre
  3. Pokemon Rad Red Version (ROM hack)

    Well he is sort of the legendary? Lol
  4. Pokemon Rad Red Version (ROM hack)

    Well you only visit up to Cerulean City and they do have small changes other than Cerulean which has some major changes
  5. Pokemon Rad Red Version (ROM hack)

    Well it's not even really "comedy"? It's just me being stupid mostly
  6. Yo mah dudes. So after months of not working on it here it is! Pokemon Rad Red. Pokemon Rad Red is a rom hack of Fire Red. It is a short story where you must stop Team Rad from releasing the beast of ultimate coolness onto the world. Use your own emulator. Pokecommunity link: COMING SOON Temp Download Link: Google Drive RAD FEATURES Prison escapes! Protesters! More gym battles than ever before! And by that I mean only one gym. There's a dog starter. Haphazard self-insert characters! Entirely new Pokemon encounters! Buffed Qwilfish! At least 2 fourth wall breaks Desperate attempts at comedy! So download today and experience the rad world of Pokemon Rad Red!
  7. PokéScribbles!

    Mega gardevoir is awesome
  8. Those are really good too! I'm kinda unsure what my theme is going to be other than obviously my type so I'll choose one soon!
  9. Can someone better at making badges clean mine up a bit?
  10. I need fairy badge ideas!
  11. Hoping for a cute pink dress to wear then
  12. Oh yeah! leaders should be able to choose a battle style