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  1. Switch looks great, kinda strange that nothing was said about Stars.

  2. So who's completed the Alolan Dex? I'm finding it quite the long challenge. Currently at 61% overall.

    1. Wes


      I finished about a week after I got the game. (I was on break, so I had plenty of time)

    2. Aurora Fae

      Aurora Fae

      I just finished it this past week and it was brutal let me tell you

    3. Oza


      I'm at about 80 or so. Mostly just version exclusives and trade evolutions left.

  3. 3 hours, used loads of leppa berries, and super potions, but still no Shiny through SOS Caterpie battle. Danggggg! I heard that the average shiny time is like 2 hours. :(

  4. I still can't get to grips with SOS shiny hunting...does shiny charm help or not?

  5. which game did you choose

    Got both. Played Moon first, and now starting Sun.
  6. The SuMo Complain Thread

    Only gripe so far is that I can't find my friends that easily in the Festival Plaza. I don't always want random people there.
  7. Possible SuMon spoilers, please click with care........
    Is it just me, or is the Elite Four is a little tougher. Palossand is tough, same with most of Hala's team (Crabominable, and Bewear, specially.),  worse thing is that I have 6+ levels on everything!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. PokemonKing16


      Which 'Mon are you having trouble with specifically?

    3. Nomyt


      Crabrawler, and Bewear were the problem pair. Managed to get Mudsdales stamina up so that I could survive the hits. Love that horse.

    4. Ascension


      I have to agree, I fainted more times during the story of this game than I have in my past handful of previous runs combined. Granted Decidueye, Lycanroc, and Salazzle aren't bulky Pokemon, and I couldn't be using my Golisopod all of the time. I ended up replacing Zygarde 50% Forme for Alolan Ninetails, further adding to my team's fragility. In the end Solgaleo ended up delivering the final blow to the Champion, and it was far too close - it was my last living 'mon. 

  8. 23:54 into Pokémon Moon. Done the second Grand Trial. Loving it still.

  9. Sun or Moon?

    It's silly if that is the reason we're getting the game later, punish the suppliers, not the gamers.
  10. Hi again!

    Welcome back. I think I very briefly set up an account on mt moon days, but wasn't active back then. Little bit more now. Same here, smaller groups always seem better and friendlier.
  11. I'm playing through Platinum, as never completed it. Barry is so annoying.

    1. Ithsme


      Not as annoying as the "friends" in XY.

    2. Nomyt


      The friends would have been better if there were less of them, or at least if some only appeared in X and the others in Y....

      But Barry is a special case. Keep "thud"ing into me Barry, my Chimchar will make sure you won't run anywhere again....

    3. Ithsme


      The issue with the friends is that since there were so many, they had no time for any character development, you're right in that aspect.

  12. Watching Lockstin's theory videos. Played Y to the elite 4 Played OR to the elite 4...(mayyyy go for the legendaries, for some reason I'm struggling to get pokedollars for ultraballs.) I might find Platinum, and try and finish it? Since it's the only main game I've still yet to finish. Playing Skyrim remaster on PS4. Play the SuMo Demo, not that I have anything left to do (apart from send over the stuff when I finally get the game.) So all in all, I'm being quite busy. However, I have managed to get the 23rd off from work so I can play it as soon as it arrives, or if amazon send it the day before, then play it non-stop.
  13. Greetings!

    Greetings Dan. Welcome to the boards. Out of the all cat pokemon which one is your favourite?
  14. can you follow me plz cuz I already followed you

  15. On the third day of sun and moon my true love gave to me, three Kalos Fletchinders, 2 squirtle-pidoves, and rowlet in a kukui tree