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  1. Who's buying a Nintendo Switch?

    Got one, and ready for STARS/Platinum.
  2. Introduction

    Hello to Mr Samurott, as I missed this post the first time around, we hope you come back soon. And hello @Daisy22, welcome to the boards, please stay a while. I'm from the UK too. Sadly we don't post download links to any pokemon game, apart from the official Nintendo website. Pirating games is as bad as being a Member of Team Rocket.
  3. Okay, I got a switch. Nintendo, please announce Stars....


  4. Darn it. I think I used all my shiny luck with Rowlett and Litten, Caterpie has also taken over 12 boxes & counting. (And I can't get rid of the extras by wondertrade) :( Please Shiny Arceus, shiny some luck on me please.

    1. PokemonKing16


      By the Power of Shiny Arceus, I grant you a better chance of getting a Shiny!

  5. What legendary was the hardest to catch

    Fini. Everything else was fine. Knock it to 1hp, send in an ultra ball or two. But Fini's recover....well....yeah.
  6. Poekmon gen 8 speculations

    E3 isn't til June....
  7. Given up on shiny popplio for the time being. On to the next shiny pokemon. Breeding Caterpies. Not really going in dex order anymore. But I prefer this shiny to Pikipek's


  8. 12 boxes and counting, still no shiny popplio. My bad luck returns. Shiny charm and Masuda method. May skip thing one and go try another poke.

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    2. Oza


      I didnt know that isn't a thing. Now I'm regretting all the stuff I've hatched.

    3. Nomyt


      Same. It feels like ages doing one box. 5 boxes feels like forever!


    4. Nomyt


      @Aurora Fae Yeah, it would have to be really obvious that you would be mass deleting stuff. Maybe rather than one back out of deleting. It might be a good idea to give two back outs.
      So you'd select the pokemon, hit release. "You are now releasing these pokemon, and are not gonna get them back. Are you sure? Yes. No. You really want to release these pokemon? Yes. No." Kinda like how you can't accidently refuse to pick up an egg.


  9. Which Starter Pokemon Type Do You Prefer?

    Yeah, Bulbasaur. First game was Blue.
  10. Which Starter Pokemon Type Do You Prefer?

    I think if I were forced I'd have to go with my first ever starter.
  11. Hello, Pokefans! SilverNinja17 Here!

    Welcome to the boards.
  12. Which Starter Pokemon Type Do You Prefer?

    I usually switch between Grass and Fire Types. Grass, Fire, Fire, Grass, Grass, Fire, Grass Weirdly, my least favourite starter from each gen will be the opposite one. So yeah...
  13. 4 Boxes of Baby Popplio's and counting. Still no shiny. GahHHH!

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    2. Nomyt


      Yeah, I know. I know, but it's strange after getting Rowlett and Litten within 40 eggs, so now are 120+ eggs. Starting to get tired of seeing Popplios :P Then again, I hate to think how many axews I hatched over in X took me 2 years to hatch a shiny! (I had no shiny charm back then.)

    3. PokemonKing16


      Two YEARS?!!! Holy shit that's a long time. What method are you using? Masuda or the newer egg manipulation method?

    4. Nomyt


      I was using Masuda. I usually managed to hatch about one shiny a month after that saga.  I just have reallllly bad luck.

      Finding wild shinies have been even worse! I first shiny was a wild lickitung in the original Gold, and then didn't see another one until X! Which was also a shiny Lickitung!

  14. Shiny charm is working, only been breeding for a day, and already have a shiny litten and shiny Rowlett from Masuda Method. So happy.

    1. SyupendousStufful101


      WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so lucky! maybe we could trade sometime. I have over half a box of shinies, and over a box of legendaries. take your pick. :)

    2. Nomyt


      Sorry, My shinies are never for trade. :D I'm going for a living shiny dex.

    3. SyupendousStufful101


      what are some shinies that you need? I might have 'em.

  15. You don't want a Pheromosa! You wanted a Drampa! What's wrong with you GTS....good news is that I got my Kartana, and still have by three other Pheromosas. xD But what to trade them for....