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  1. USUM up what you want in this game!

    I voted other because what I really want is varied environment. Alola is going to have to go through some pretty drastic changes in order for me to enjoy traversing it again after so little time. What they did with Unova and BW/BW2 was perfect. There were new areas to explore, new access points to old areas, and many of the old areas were completely redone. I don't want USUM to feel like SM; I want a new experience.
  2. My favorite type is Ghost. Really, I like them all, so it will be a struggle to narrow it down to ten, but I'll try. Banette Marshadow Sableye Giratina (Origin) Mimikyu Gengar Mismagius Froslass Drifblim Cofagrigus
  3. Anyone have any HA Tyrunt they can trade? I can offer Klefki or Espurr, both 5 IV. 

  4. Who's buying a Nintendo Switch?

    I likely won't buy it any time soon. With my first year of college coming up, I can't imagine I'd get to enjoy a new console as much as I'd like, and it's a little too expensive right now. I may even be able to put it off until after Stars, but if a new Mystery Dungeon comes to the Switch I'll have to buy it.
  5. Worst Sun And Moon Showdown Vol. 2!

    I had to vote old avocado-tailed Solgaleo because I actually really like all the others. Solgaleo just seems too bulky (design-wise, not strategically) and un-Pokémon-like. #teamlunala
  6. Pokemon Casual Tournament Update!! 2.0

    Will you organize more tournaments in the future? I would've loved to participate, but the timing was very inconvenient for me. I'd love to join in in the future.
  7. Poekmon gen 8 speculations

    I believe they were referring to last year. It was said that Yungoos is not an Alola-native, so they're assuming that it comes from whatever region Gen 8 gives us. As for the Pokemon ideas, I like most of them, like the starters and especially the cobra. However, I have a few critiques: A Dragon typing on a starter, even if it's a final evolution, is unlikely, seeing as Dragons are supposed to be rare and not given to every 10yo who asks for one. The T-Rex sounds very much like a Special-oriented Tyrantrum. Almost too much like it. I'd like concept more if it wasn't based on the same dino. Legendary Fire/Dark type? Isn't that just a more powerful Incineroar?
  8. In generational order... Charmander, Totodile, Mudkip, Piplup, Oshawott, Fennekin, Popplio/Litten. So... I always choose Fire or Water, with the majority going to Water. I never say, "I'm going to pick the (x) type this time!" because I judge them by overall aesthetic appeal. Apparently I'm just not too fond of Grass starters.
  9. I have trained tirelessly with the Ghost type, and I am completely in sync with the dead. Think you can defeat the elegance of the spirit realm? See if you can damage my ethereal Pokémon! Challengers must battle in Single format, with Normal Rules. My team is susceptible to change (list will be edited if it does), but the current team I am using is: Sheut (Gengar) Ka (Mimikyu) Kimona (Froslass) Hindy (Drifblim) Malleus (Marowak) Vitamin Cya (Tsareena) Victors will be permitted to claim the Wisp Badge. My FC is 2063-0267-5863, and my IGN is Lunick. Please provide your FC and IGN when you request a battle. I am typically available for battle on the weekends, but you may schedule ahead anytime throughout the week. If for whatever reason we have trouble finding a time, I will PM you, and we'll work something out to keep the thread clean. Certified Trainers: N/A
  10. Teams (possibly), FC and IGN, and roughly what times you're available for battle may be useful.
  11. I personally think white would be better considering many of us incorporated our types' main colors in the badges somewhere.
  12. Since we now have our badges, do we want to start getting our pages created? Or did we want to use a different approach? With Bank finally around the corner I think it's best if we start something because right now I believe we're all sitting inactive or waiting for someone else to make the first move. We need to get a bit more organized if we want to start battling.
  13. I'm thankful this place is rather tame. It seems every time I check in on the main site there's some fight or other, and thus I don't visit it often.

  14. There are some Pokemon I'd like to implement post-Bank (namely, Sableye), but for now my team consists of 1.) Gengar 2.) Mimikyu 3.) Chandelure 4.) Drifblim 5.) Aegislash/Marowak (still deciding on this one, if you've got an opinion I'd love to hear it) *6.) Tsareena
  15. I'm ready at this point. And one more question: Are we allowed to choose Singles/Doubles for our Gyms or will we be restricted to Singles? I bred my team with Singles in mine, but I've found they work even better in Doubles.