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  1. Teams (possibly), FC and IGN, and roughly what times you're available for battle may be useful.
  2. I personally think white would be better considering many of us incorporated our types' main colors in the badges somewhere.
  3. Since we now have our badges, do we want to start getting our pages created? Or did we want to use a different approach? With Bank finally around the corner I think it's best if we start something because right now I believe we're all sitting inactive or waiting for someone else to make the first move. We need to get a bit more organized if we want to start battling.
  4. I'm thankful this place is rather tame. It seems every time I check in on the main site there's some fight or other, and thus I don't visit it often.

  5. There are some Pokemon I'd like to implement post-Bank (namely, Sableye), but for now my team consists of 1.) Gengar 2.) Mimikyu 3.) Chandelure 4.) Drifblim 5.) Aegislash/Marowak (still deciding on this one, if you've got an opinion I'd love to hear it) *6.) Tsareena
  6. I'm ready at this point. And one more question: Are we allowed to choose Singles/Doubles for our Gyms or will we be restricted to Singles? I bred my team with Singles in mine, but I've found they work even better in Doubles.
  7. Solgaleo and Lunala were both very easy. I believe their catch rate is relatively favorable since you're supposed to catch them. The Tapu on the other hand gave me a lot of trouble. Tapu Koko took ~45 Ultra Balls in Moon (~5 in Sun), and Tapu Fini was awful because it can recover any HP you take it down from. I think I got lucky with Necrozma as it took only 3 Ultra Balls.
  8. I'm nearly ready, and if you're ready as well I think we should all start discussing how we'll go about accepting challengers. Personally, I think the easiest way would be for each Gym Leader to create their own thread for accepting challengers. Then they can format battle requests however they wish.
  9. I forget the name of it, but I have a shiny Drifblim facility. As far as I can tell, it's purely aesthetic in purpose.
  10. Shiny Pokemon Stories!

    My first and only Gen 7 shiny is a Bruxish. I was EV training when that sparkly fish appeared after a chain of only 37, and I was so excited! I loved Bruxish already, but it's shiny form is beautiful! AND it has 4 perfect IVs. Now I only hope to find a shiny Wishiwashi someday.
  11. My Sun And Moon Gym!

    This is an interesting concept, but I noticed something that may be an error: Buzzwole has a Buginium Z but no Bug moves for it to power up. I also love the Araquanid! I've found it very useful in the Battle Tree.
  12. I'm glad I haven't missed too much in my absence. I wasn't able to log on here in weeks, but on the bright side I've bred 5/6 of my Gym team. Watch out challengers! My Ghosts have been demolishing the Battle Spot!
  13. Favorite alolan form

    I love Alolan Marowak, but I'll admit I haven't used any Alolan forms yet. I plan to IV breed one to finish off my Gym team, so I hope it's worth it!
  14. Favorite Tapu

    I haven't had a chance to use any of them competitively yet, but so far I love Tapu Fini. It's design, cry, and typing are so mystical, and it was the most challenging to capture of the four.
  15. The credits are rolling in Moon! This has been such a spectacular game, and I can't wait to see what else it can surprise me with! :D

    1. PokemonKing16


      It was a great game, however, the ending dragged on for quite a while before reaching the credits. Other than that I enjoyed the experience. I actually barely beat Kukui using Solgaleo because I forgot to stock up on revives and the rest of my team was KOd



      Is it a short game?




      I don't have it D: