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  1. Luigi Wants to Know-Kalos

    would you mind listing a few for me lol. this is actually new to me. but i will say it proves that pokemon dont need megas especially if the ones being given a mega go lower on the tier list
  2. Hey everyone this is it. last region, kalos. so i dont wanna talk too much about the general info of kalos and really just want to get to the point. i will say it is very noteworthy of mega evolution inclusion but we will save discussion for the answers soooo... here we gooooo!!! -favorite kalos starter -favorite kalos pokemon -favorite gym leader -favorite elite four member -did you like mega evolution? -should mega evolution continue? (main point of discussion) -if yes, what megas do you want to see? -if no, what changes should there be with the existing megas? -should megas be reserved for more low tier pokemon to bring them into competitive and such? like beedrill and pidgeot -favorite gym badge i cant wait to read these posts!!! -Luigi p.s. thank you all who commented on all my Luigi Wants to Know. i loved the opinions and hearing you guys thanks for being patient with me taking forever to get these up!!!
  3. Luigi Wants to Know-Unova

    oh no!! i hit submit but it didnt work . so ll just quickly say great answers you guys!!! for me snivy stoutland chandelure mandibuzz Lenora and Elesa in bw2 her black hair design was better imo caitlyn and shauna and iris as champion although she was annoying in anime lol least favorite maybe karrablast though i liked his evolution method trio badge and wave badge in bw2 i didnt like the fusion and hope humanxpokemon fusion doesnt happen and no thanks to selection. we need the gradual increase in level -Luigi sorry that my responses to each of you didnt go thru properly
  4. late night but finally got LWtK-Unova up lol

  5. Hey all! about time i posted this lol. next up is Unova! Let's see... Unova introduced a fan favorite character, N. Oh it also has the first ever main series sequels. Oh big point of discussion is the fact that they allowed players to choose the order of the elite four members you face as well as fusion . so let's get discussing I wanna hear the following: -favorite Unova starter -favorite Unova pokemon -favorite gym leader -favorite elite four member -least favorite pokemon -favorite gym badge -with the possibility of human-pokemon fusion being a thing in sun and moon, did you like the kyurem-reshirom/zekrom fusion? -should we continue choosing elite four order?? keep in mind that in previous regions, the levels gradually increased as you got to the champion which made it better imo Can't wait to hear the responses cuz we are getting close to Kalos and it could lead us to drawing conclusions and parallels to Sun and Moon!! -Luigi p.s. just a reminder, April 3rd on Pokenchi i think its called, new Sun and moon footage and also from April Corocoro till release, we can expect sun and moon info. BUT idk what has been heard but remember ORAS "footage" the 5 second vid....keep that in mind
  6. Luigi Wants to Know- Johto

    wow im very very impressed and i love Karen even more!! totally agree!!! idk about you but i have a talonflame ev trained but i dont use it very often lol
  7. Luigi Wants to Know-Sinnoh

    nice! ive only seen a few Mega Lucarios competitively tho lol
  8. Luigi Wants to Know- Johto

    Nice!! sounds like you really love johto and man ive seen a lot of annoying scizors used really well competitively. and hmm could you recite Karen's words here??
  9. Luigi Wants to Know-Hoenn

    Mauville changed sooooo mcuh in ORAS but i have to say the best looking city has to be Fortree. i remember when i saw a trailer for the games at the time of speculation and whatever and knew right away it was fortree that was shown for like a second
  10. Luigi Wants to Know- Kanto

    rumors are rumors till confirmed lol but thats like a decent amount. honestly i remember seeing a thing saying they were going back to simplicity with the games and i wanna see more simple creations for pokemon sorta like say dewgong. also i wanna see something like 150 new pokemon. but maybe im too picky
  11. Friend Codes and NNID

    Hey all! as requested, i have created this topic in order for you guys to exchange friend codes and NNID. exchange friend codes to battle or trade or even non pokemon games or NNID to play games like Smash!
  12. idk if its weird to quickly change status but wow! one more post and we'll be at 300 posts

  13. just checking out forums lol its a nightly routine now. loving the replies im getting too. gonna post the last two regions soon too xD 

  14. Luigi Wants to Know-Sinnoh

    turtwig seems to be the fan favorite here on the forums . garchomp is insane. such a hard pokemon to use in the adventure part of the games similar to how dragonite is. connecting megas to the conversation, i dislike mega garchomp. while everyone knows that speed changes dont take effect till the following turn after mega evolving, i think that garchomp hits hard but that speed cut can hurt him big time. Volkner also seems to be a fan favorite and same with beacon badge (is that volkner's badge). overally very nice answers and i dont think any of us will forget krickitune's cry just saying
  15. Luigi Wants to Know- Megas

    i wanna look into mega sableye users maybe on yt. i just wanna see it used well lol. and thats not a bad idea. i personally prefer leftovers over sitrus berry but yeah i would still have will o wisp on him because that messes with a ton of pokemon i really like mega slowbro too. i like a rest talk set because its similar to a rest talk shuckle thats a pain to deal with if it sets up. best part is slowbro has shell armor so no crits to completely eliminate stat buffs from say calm mind . and lol shuffle i have barely played i just didnt really get into it but i love medicham a lot. he pairs well with lopunny and/or kanga for strong fake out and possiblity of choosing it as your mega for the battle. pure power before mega makes medicham strong regardless so its always good to have the fake outs and good moves when you know you can land them. pairing with kanga is because kanga serves well also even without mega. EQ hits hard, sucker punch hits hard, and the fake outs can hit ghosts. lopunny because well lets be honest, lopunny and medicham have a very very similar moveset. fake out to mess with the opponent, hjk for stab. also lopunny gets scrappy so kanga and it can hit ghosts with fake out and lopunny gets all the ghosts with a powerful hjk or return due to scrappy. i agree with mega rotom because a mega refrigerator or washing machine just sounds great lmao. quagsire is already a pain so i would love to see a mega but hopefully not to get sableye treatment and change its playstyle.