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  1. First memory about Pokemon

    My first memory of Pokémon was from watching the anime. I thought it was the coolest thing that it was possible to capture monsters and befriend them/use them for battles. The first time I played was when I got a Game Boy Color and Pokémon Gold some time afterwards. Still one of my favorite games, especially because of the postgame.
  2. [CLOSED] Shiny Pokemon Giveaway

    Hi Wes! This is so awesome of you. Could I get Altaria, Rayquaza and Swablu if those are still available, please? In-game name is Derek and code is 3239-7245-5949. Thanks in advance!
  3. Identified as spam :(

    Thank you so much! I just posted and the comment indeed showed up without issues. I really appreciate it. I hope you have an awesome day today! Looking forward to participating in the hype for Sun/Moon
  4. Identified as spam :(

    About a month ago, I meant to comment on the Sun/Moon news but I accidentally posted it on an older post that I had open in another tab. Disquus says I was marked as spam and it was supposed to work on it when I said that it wasn't spam. It's been weeks and I still get the same message and apparently it keeps my comments on PokeJungle from showing since then. I'd just like to know if something could possibly be done about that, please? I like this community and being kept away from it for a stupid mistake is disheartening Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.