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  1. Hi everyone

    Hi I'm Relicanth1, a name given to me by my oldest son because as he said "I'm old and never evolve"-LOL. My sons are huge pokemon fans and one day my youngest couldn't figure out the Regi puzzle in Sapphire and asked me for help so I worked on it after he had gone to sleep and ended up playing for hours and thought wow this game is pretty cool. Before you know it I got Nintendo DS for fathers day from my family and I've been trading and battling my kids(usually losing) ever since. The passion has only grown since then-my wife gave me a big amazon giftcard for Christmas 2014 and I had to use it on a Japanese 3ds so I could get those events they never release here. I now believe it or not have 3 systems(US,Japan,Korea). I cant wait for the new games but right now am amusing myself by playing the original Pokémon Yellow-which is new to me since it came out before I started playing.