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  1. So hows the game?

    I like the game
  2. I love pokejungle


  3. This place is dead xD


  4. Getting USun on christmas! Ot quiet here...

  5. USUM Trainer Names

    What does shoku mean in english? I've been trying to find a translation for Eclipse and I get 3 things: Nisshoku (日食) [Solar eclipse], Gesshoku (月食) [Lunar eclipse], and Shoku (食). I've found alot of words that Shoku could mean, meal, food, and eclipse are the most common though. So my main question is, does shoku (食) mean eclipse? And if not, what is eclipse in japanese? Thanks! (Don't trust google translate)
  6. USUM Trainer Names

    Cool choice.
  7. USUM Trainer Names

    You named him Eclipse? -_-'
  8. So hows the game? Im getting it in a bit so I wanna know what you guys think! No spoilers though! PLEASE!!!
  9. Ultra Sun, here I come!

  10. Ribbons? Yay or Nay?

    But THIS is the reason I somewhat care. I guess reading this changed my mind.
  11. Ribbons? Yay or Nay?

    I just dont really care about them you know? Like, their fun and all, but dont really matter.