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  1. Absol-utely! I've spend over 200+ hours in platinum and HeartGold and the new frontiers were so stylish, fun and challenging. The tree seems so underwhelming, I thought at least you might reach the top or something. The subway and PWT were exciting, but I'm biased since I love trains and it felt like it had more heart to me. In comparison, I've spend hardly a quarter of that time playing every other game without a good BF or equivalent, the battle factory for instance was amazing, I loved using Pokemon I wouldn't ever have used and coming to appreciate them. I dont even even hope for a new BF anymore nowadays. I stopped wishing for one after we got so many, many games without any... Curse you ORAS, it was just a tease. Bleh. Boy who cried wolf and all that. Edit: where are mah promised emoji sewaddles? T^T