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  1. Hello everyone!

    Hi, I'm Danny and I've been a Pokémon fan since... well, pretty much all my life. Nice to meet all of you guys
  2. A few days ago, an Italian Youtuber named Cydonia published a theory video about Pokémon Stars: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5O_FDKmVTQ&t=506s This guy has made lots of theories in the past and he nailed lots of them, for example he guessed right Pokémon Sun and Moon taking place in Hawaii (even if it was obvious given the teaser) and he also got the Z-Moves theory right. Since most of you guys won’t understand Italian let me summarize the second half of this video, where he takes out this fantastic theory. The “Pokémon Stars” project has nothing to do with Alola, it’s a codename for the 8th Gen games, probably for Nintendo Switch based on the leaks. Think about it, in November 2016 the leakers received two informations: 1) Game Freak is working on a Pokémon game for Switch (Pokémon Stars); 2) Game Freak is working on a Sun and Moon’s sequel. We all thought (me too) these info referred to a single project, that is a sequel of Sun and Moon for Switch, and after the Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon announcements I personally thought Pokémon Stars referred to Ultra Sun and Moon, until I watched this genius guy’s video. Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are for 3DS and not for Switch, so that means Pokémon Stars most likely refers to a pair of Gen 8 games taking place in China, and there is a LOT of evidence for this. The codename Pokémon Niji (Rainbow) was used to refer to the Gen 7 games, and it was chosen NOT because it has something to do with the Sun or the Moon, it was chosen because the rainbow represents the Hawaii. So if Pokémon Rainbow was a purely geographical reference, the same could be for Pokémon Stars, and you know which flag has stars on it? http://imgur.com/a/3QRhg The Strange Souvenir was placed in Pokémon X and Y as a teaser for the Gen 7 games taking place in Hawaii, and in Sun and Moon we have Ryuki, who comes from across the sea and calls himself a Star, and he is a trainer who only trains Dragon-type Pokémons obviously dressed as a Chinese Red Dragon: he has a snake-shaped ponytail, pointed head, claws and so on. Therefore he himself could be a teaser for the next games, also because he doesn’t have a big role other than being one of the many challengers at the League, yet there is a Ryuki’s concept art in the Sun and Moon limited edition. Also, Ryuki’s name (and all of his translated names) is based off the Black Nightshade, recorded as a famine food in 15th century China. From Gen 5 on, it looks like Game Freak created some Legendary Pokémon inspired to the next generation’s region: we have Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion and Keldeo from Gen 5, based on the Three Musketeers and it’s an obvious reference to France, and Kalos is based on France. Then we have Volcanion from Gen 6, based on volcanos and geysers and it really fits Alola’s exotic Hawaiian environment. And in Gen 7 we have this little guy, Marshadow, a martial arts’ specialist. Do I need to say more? (Also, Ryuki’s pose in battle looks very similar to a Kung-Fu’s combat style popular in Southern China http://imgur.com/a/ojDPq ) Yungoos’ Pokédex entry says this Pokémon is not native of Alola, but it was imported from another region: this region could very well be the 8 Gen region based on China, since Yungoos is based on the Small Asian Mongoose, which can be found in South and Southeast Asia. This is a really small thing, but Chinese’s lucky number is 8, and the China-based region could take place in Gen 8. This probably doesn’t mean anything, but it’d be a really nice coincidence if it doesn’t. China’s console market liberalized itself in 2015, and it’s not a coincidence the fact that Pokémon Sun and Moon are the first Pokémon games to be translated in Chinese after 20 years of nothing. After awakening some interest in the Chinese people, it’s a really good marketing move making a pair of games that is a tribute to their culture and try to enter a still really immature market. It was the codename “Stars” who mislead us, and it probably was done by GF on purpose, choosing a codename really similar to Sun and Moon to make us go around in circles and making us think it was related to Gen 7, but just as Cydonia said in his video, now let’s look at the REAL stars.