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  1. now at E3 there has been a gen 8 leak and well its about yungoose and gumshose being a gen 8 pokemon now this pretty much means gen 8 confirmed now here are my speculations on gen 8 releas date: 2019 or 2020 pseudo legendary: aquagon. type: water dragon. ability: moxie starters the fire type will be based on a rhyno and its final evolved form will be a fire ground type the grass type will be based on a elephant and its final evolved form will be grass steel type the water one will be based on a turtle and its final evolved form will be a water dragon type the region setting will take place in a india like region because thats where thats what yungoose and gumshoose are based upon the reagion will be called the balah rgion here are the new pokemon megalence fossil pokemon water/rock based of the megladon a t rex like pokemon quite small but with incredible speed attack and special attack fire/rock i dont have any other ideas for other pokemon but it will come to me legendary pokemon one will be based of a cobra and will be poison dragon type another will be based of a tiger and will be fire dark type there will still be ultra beasts the bad guy team will be called team chaos the elite 4 types will be flying poison ground dragon there will be trials instead of gyms you will call your registered pokeride instead of using HMs