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  1. Pokémon Sun & Moon Discussion

    RUMOR TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alright, for whatever reason, 4chan had many "leaks" today So it's time for another Sun And Moon Rumor ROUNDUP!!!!!! Rumor 1 Rumor 2 http://boards.4chan.org/vp/thread/25682390/good-evening-i-dont-know-a-very-lot-about-pokmon#p25682908 99% Fake. Now this next one is intriguing.... Rumor 3 The Starter's Show themselves? wew >>25677233 There are two new Pikachu clones, one representing day time, one night time. They look like they're based on hedgehogs. The professor is a scientist who generally studies astrology. >>25677282 Zygarde's forms appear in a scripted event where the player character is briefly in Kalos. See above for more information on this. No Dark Gym. The only new Mega I have any information on is a Mega Pikachu. >>25677289 Plenty for both genders. >>25677326 All I know is Pikachu, who gets one. During a scripted event where you return to Kanto, you get a Pikachu and are given its corresponding stone for its Mega Evolution. Kanto has two more scripted events than any other region. No. The player character only briefly gets access to specific locations from each region 100 new pokemon No, there is no Burst Heart. Yes, there is a trio. You have two rivals. The male is a sporty boy with an on-top-of-the-world personality. The other is a misfit tomboy with a bad attitude. >>25677573 Fairy/Steel >>25677612 Mega Stones are stones, last time I checked. The Pikachu you are given during the scripted event in Kanto cannot evolve, and is the only Pikachu that can evolve using the stone. It's a special event specifically for the 20th Anniversary, and is reminiscent of Yellow. The graphics do receive improvements, but they're overall the same as Gen 6's. The NPC and battle models are the same. Dolphin finally No exclusive megas That was all of the op's info, the other leaker sounds like bull or trying to get attention, so I left that info there, but their other posts were arguments with people within the thread. http://boards.4chan.org/vp/thread/25676798/sun-moon if your wondering about the colored images. two other threads showed up with them in it, and people touched up the images to get them to look like that. It's pretty interesting stuff, but probably all fake. I love the story details, they sound pretty cool. But what's your thoughts on this?
  2. Pokémon Sun & Moon Discussion

    I'd say this is possible, but bank could connect to XY and ORAS at any time, so it may be the same here. It's still up to that person to decided if they should use those mons or not, so it may not matter to GF. They are probably banking on the new mons being used more.
  3. Hello!

    Hi everyone! As a long time lurker of pokejungle, and short time member of the site, I'm glad there are forums now! I look forward to posting here as the wait for Sun and Moon decreases!
  4. Pokémon Sun & Moon Discussion

    Cool, we have forums now! As for Kalos in this? Betting the post game will be episode Z. Go back to Kalos, and travel the main region. Search for the Zygarde cores and stop an upcoming natural diaster with zygarde. Beat the gym leaders over and much more! New areas include Luminous Catacombs, new cities and more. Discover the secrets of the ghost girl and the incident at the train station. re fight the E4 and they're improved teams, and much more! Basically what I see happening. Beat Episode Z and you get access to the new battle facility back in the region that Sun and moon takes place in.