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  1. Now I've finished the main portion of the game, I'm going to place Generation VI at number 3 on my list, between Gens V and III. The story is outstanding, although I think Black and White are still yet to be topped in that department.
  2. You can buy Lillie's bag on Amazon - and the reviews are priceless.

    1. Ithsme


      Are they all "get in the bag" references?

    2. Geronimo


      Yep, nearly every review is about Nebby!

  3. The SuMo Complain Thread

    My only major disappointment is that the Zygarde Cores are treated as items rather than Pokémon. You'd think that being able to have your very own Squishy - that you can pet and feed Poké Beans to, even if it can't battle - would have been a major selling point of the game. I have actually nicknamed my Zygarde Squishy, but it's still not the same.
  4. For the purposes of this list, I've decided not to include the remakes, as I think this would give some generations an unfair advantage. For example, one could argue that Gen IV is automatically better than Gen II, because it includes an updated version of everything that Gen II had to offer, plus a brand new adventure in the Sinnoh region. 6) Generation IV (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum) For some reason - perhaps because I was late getting a DS - Sinnoh is the region I've connected with the least, despite appreciating its aesthetic and mythology. It did, however, introduce some of my favourite Pokémon (Lucario, Turtwig, Floatzel) and I'm looking forward to the inevitable remakes so I can revisit with fresh eyes. 5) Generation I (Red, Blue, Yellow) I recently played Red for the first time, on the 3DS virtual console, and it struck me how much fun it is to play, even after 20 years. Kanto, by itself, is the least interesting region by far - to me it becomes much more appealing when connected to Johto, for some reason. But this is the generation that gave us Pikachu and Mewtwo and Charizard, and all the other characters that have become so iconic - whether their lasting appeal is down to design quality or nostalgia will always be something of a mystery. Despite its flaws and limitations, if it weren't for this Generation there wouldn't have been any more. 4) Generation VI (X & Y) X and Y's story, while simple at first glance, is actually surprisingly mature, and powerful in a subtle way. It does feel a little incomplete - I get the impression a Z version was in the works and later abandoned - but if anything I appreciate the lack of third version as it allows the original pair to retain their value. Although I was disappointed by the small number of new Pokémon, quality over quantity really does seem to apply here, and Mega Evolution was a wonderful idea too - it's difficult now to imagine a time before it existed. The Kalos region itself is beautiful, boasting some of the best route music in the series. 3) Generation III (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald) This was Game Freak's first serious attempt at weaving a narrative into the gameplay, and the Hoenn region is gorgeous. I found some of the new Pokémon a little weird at first, but I've grown to love them over time. And the music is so good that people started making internet memes about the trumpets. 2) Generation V (Black, White, Black 2, White 2) Black and White blew me away with their incredible storytelling, and the fresh experience of encountering only new Pokémon until the post-game - I wish they'd do this more often. I didn't enjoy the sequels as much, but I still appreciated how they enriched the Unova region and its history. Admittedly, some of the Pokémon designs are a little dull and simple, but I actually love that infamous ice cream Pokémon, and there are plenty of other gems, like Zoroark and Braviary. 1) Generation II (Gold, Silver, Crystal) Two regions, sixteen Gym Leaders, and (in my opinion) the best set of Pokémon designs to date. There isn't much story to speak of, but the way Johto and Kanto are connected creates a world that is immersive and fascinating - revisiting Kanto feels like uncovering a lost treasure. I feel like this generation struck a perfect balance between depth and simplicity, and that my nostalgia bias (Silver was my first game) is justified!
  5. Switching off the Exp. Share, and changing the battle style to "Set", makes such a difference to Sun and Moon's difficulty level.  I'm really enjoying the battles now, and my starter is no longer 8 levels higher than the rest!

  6. Playing Pokémon Moon at last!  My Rowlet lost to Ilima's Smeargle even after I used loads of Potions, which I consider to be a good sign - I'm hoping this generation might be a bit more challenging than X and Y.

    1. SyupendousStufful101
    2. SyupendousStufful101


      I still don't have the game yet! my dad says I get sun on Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel is incredible!  I've been a little disappointed by some of the recent movies, but this one feels like a celebration of all the best aspects of the franchise, and made me feel proud to be a fan.

    1. Monkeyfuzz


      I've got it recorded. Gotta watch the XY anime still before I get to it.

  8. Sun or Moon?

    According to Serebii.net, the version you're playing affects which form Rockruff evolves into, but both forms can still be caught in the wild Are you from the UK too? I'm also having to wait until Wednesday - sometimes I wonder whether the late European releases of ORAS and SM are to punish us for releasing X and Y a day early!
  9. Sun or Moon?

    Originally I was planning on getting Moon because I like Lunala, then I was planning on getting Sun because I like Lycanroc Midday even more. Then I found out that Lycanroc's forms aren't version-exclusive, so I can get Moon after all
  10. I live in the UK so I'm having to wait a bit longer, but luckily I'm on holiday and Sun and Moon are released the day I get back Although I'm strictly avoiding plot spoilers, I have been looking at the info for the new Pokémon on Serebii.net - names, types, moves etc.
  11. Dream sun and moon team

    They're my favourites too! My current team plan is similar to Smitje's, but it might change around a bit when I actually play the game. I've been thinking of including Mimikyu, but that would mean having multiple Ghost and Fairy types.
  12. Hi again!

    Hey there! I used to be a member of the old Mt Moon Community, with the usernames Snivywott, Level 100 Snivy and Mega Latios. I hadn't logged in for a while, and when I came back I noticed the old form had been closed down, and this one seems to have taken its place, so I thought I'd make a new account here I really liked Mt Moon because it was a relatively small community - small forums always seem friendlier somehow - and I'm getting a similar vibe from this new forum so I think I'll enjoy it here