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  1. The SuMo Complain Thread

    I heard only regular Mart Balls are available there. I would love if the Apricorn Balls can be bought there though.
  2. Munchlax Nintendo Network event for SUNMOON

    Thinking of going Modest for Ash-Greninja maybe Adamant or Careful for Munchlax.
  3. Sun or Moon?

    You can catch the other Lycanroc (evolution only) late game, or so I hear.
  4. Shiny Pokemon Stories!

    I recently caught a Shiny Imposter Ditto after 796 encounters between the hell of Mirage Cave and the much much easier Mirage Island. But my favourite recent thing was hatching twin Shiny Amaura, mostly because I didn't expect it. I always save before I hatch each batch of 5 eggs so I can soft reset to hatch them at a specific location if I get a Shiny, so I decided to film this occasion on my phone here.
  5. Dream sun and moon team

    I'm having a lot of trouble building mine. My dream team would consist of adding more Pokémon with better type and stat distribution. All I have so far are Decidueye and Lycanroc Midday. I may cave and use an Alolan form or 2 at this point. I do love Alolan Muk. Togedemaru is a tempting choice, but I think I need to definitely rule Vikavolt out first.
  6. Breeding and collecting stuff. Also catching up on some TV shows. I really should play some other games too, but what I'm breeding takes a long time.
  7. What's your favorite Alola Pokémon

    Out of these I pick Ribombee. I like all 4 actually. Tortunator could do with more love tbh.
  8. Don't return to the Jungle!

    All I wanted to know was Stats, Abilities, Moves and Types. Beyond that I really don't need anything else. I don't mind those because they will long outlast the story, so knowing them a little early doesn't particularly matter to me.