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  1. What is the most expensives pokemon cards?

    oh lol
  2. thanks for the follow


  3. Worst Sun And Moon Showdown Vol. 2!

    Sorry Solgaleo, Bewear, and Pyukumuku don't have pics! When I published it, the pics for those 3 just...well...DISAPPEARED!
  4. Worst Sun And Moon Showdown Vol. 2!

    Here is the second Worst Sun And Moon Showdown, with your comments on the first one! But with that being said, let's get started! 1: Solgaleo 2: Bewear 3: Shiinotic 4: Dhelmise 5: Pyukumuku Don't forget to vote! Well, that's enough for me... for now.....
  5. A Question

    i actualy have 1 now! it is called my pokejungle name, so check it out and subscribe!
  6. Competitive Battling

    I got a Pokémon that will be a MONSTER in competitive soon. IT...IS................. THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. A Question

  8. A Question

    i don't have a youtube account. thats the problem.
  9. A Question

    So, my parents won't let me have a YouTube channel just yet, but I want it by Christmas so I can do a special Sun & Moon live stream. Please vote so I can give my parents other opinions!
  10. My Sun And Moon Gym Vol. 2!

    Hello! Today I'll be doing a second Sun And Moon gym! So, let's get started! Typing: Dragon 1: Level 65 Kommo-o Moves: Held Item: Draco Plate 1: Clanging Scales Ability: Bulletproof 2: Iron Defense 3: Flamethrower 4: Protect 2: Level 67 Silvally Moves: Held Item: Dragon Memory 1: Heal Block Ability: RKS System 2: Multi Attack 3: Draco Meteor 4: Thunder Wave 3: Level 71 Guzzlord Moves: Held Item: Dragonium Z 1: Stockpile Ability: Beast Boost 2: Stomping Tantrum 3: Dragon Tail 4: Gastro Acid Well, that's enough for me... for now..... (Don't forget to comment and follow!)
  11. My Sun And Moon Gym!

    oh, and thanks about the compliment on the Araquanid! could I get your opinion on the Golisopod, though?>
  12. What is the most expensives pokemon cards?

    how much is it worth?
  13. What is the most expensives pokemon cards?

    shes my sister. I don't think she knows about that card.
  14. My Sun And Moon Gym!

    I meant Fell Stinger.