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  1. A Question

    If you have a gmail account you do.
  2. Hello gamer2000  :)
    I'm looking for friend codes in pokémon sun
    Add my friend code please I am Tunisian
    Pseudo: E-monta
    Friend code: 3411 1248 5353

  3. Pokémon for President

    Gumshoos says the system is rigged against him.
  4. Er this may come as an inconvenience to you guys....but I've got 3 big exams next week so I won't be able to take part. My apologies but I really didn't think I'd have exams this quickly(it's only the 2nd week).
  5. Heya! :D

    Welcome and all the best with college.
  6. Yeah sounds good to me.
  7. With the new online features coming to SM I can really see these tournaments becoming a part of PJN. I'm really pumped! This alone has swayed me to purchase Moon.
  8. Pokémon Sun & Moon Discussion

    Jesus look at the size of that thing...but how long do you reckon until they run out of ideas?
  9. Request-a-Trade

    Okay so my FC is 0533-8430-2861 and I'm mostly online around 4PM EST if that can work.
  10. Request-a-Trade

    Well not really but hey if you want....if you want to....you can
  11. Chatty Cathy's Daily Chit-Chat [Spring 2016]

    Looking back on how I spent the majority of my Summer thinking I'd failed all my exams and that I wouldn't get into college only to find out a while ago that I'd passed all of them with good grades...
  12. Request-a-Trade

    Does anyone have a Ditto I can use?