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  1. Pokemon Rad Red Version (ROM hack)

    Any other stat changes we should know about?
  2. Pokemon Rad Red Version (ROM hack)

    *Inhales deeply*... BOI!!!!
  3. Pokemon Rad Red Version (ROM hack)

    OMG! HAHAHAHAHA... *3 Hours Later*... Ok I'm good now, what are the new stats? 200 base everything?
  4. Pokemon Rad Red Version (ROM hack)

    What exactly is meant by Buffed Qwilfish?
  5. Pokemon Rad Red Version (ROM hack)

    So has the overworld map been edited to reflect changes you've made to the game? Is the game the same or more difficult than the original?
  6. Pokemon Rad Red Version (ROM hack)

    Exactly how desperate is the comedy on a scale of Simpsons to Family Guy (Not bashing the shows but you gotta admit they've gotten pretty bland with the comedy in the last few seasons.)
  7. Anyone here excited for LoZ: Breath of the Wild?

    We all know Earthen is obsessed with it.
  8. Who's buying a Nintendo Switch?

    I don't know if I'm gonna get one yet. I already have a decent setup with my Xbox One, Retron 5, Laptop, and 3DS.
  9. The "...." Region

    Just wondering, but what region of the world is this region based off of? From what I'm seeing I'm guessing a mix between Australia, The Americas, and Europe.
  10. The "...." Region

    Glad I can help! 😄
  11. The "...." Region

    For the Wallaby pokemons final stage, I think Wallabloom would be a good name.
  12. The "...." Region

    If I may, I would suggest that since you're making the normal color scheme an Icy light blue, that you make the Shiny form a shade of black/grey to reference Black Ice.
  13. The "...." Region

    You're allowed, I don't mind if you use it. Nice concept for the Rockruff line, but I have to ask, what will the shiny look like?
  14. The "...." Region

    For the grass starters middle evo I would put Leafmur or something along those lines. I am also very interested in what design you have in mind for the Rock/Ice Rockruff line.
  15. Competitive Battling

    2014 was pretty good I'll admit. Smogon is great. For 8th gen competitive, play 7th gen just to get everything prepared, y'know EV Training and stuff just to have something to do. If that won't work, play something different for a while then come back to the game.