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  1. Does anyone else play League of Legends?

    1. Malco


      Well, I used to, but no longer. I had to drop a lot of competitive games especially fighting games T_T because I'm busy. :) 

  2. Went to Gamestop yesterday for a Darkrai serial card and the guy asked how many. I said 4 to see if he would and he did. I got Darkrai in all 4 versions.

    1. pokejungle


      Whaaaa :( I need one!! 

  3. MMORPGs: What are you playing?

    My main is Jinx. I also know how to use Ashe. First Ashe was my main until i got really good at using Jinx. I also have Caitlyn in case both of them are taken. I like marksman characters.
  4. From Mt. Moon

    I'm SerpentSeed. I'm using the same name I used from Mt. Moon. I was there for I think 6+ years. i joined while Black and White we're still unreleased.I like playing video games. I've been playing Pokemon since I got Blue Version for Christmas when I was a kid. Been playing ever since. I've captured every Pokemon in Platinum, Black, White 2, & just need Volcanion in Y. My favorite systems are Nintendo and Sony. I have been playing mobile games more and League of Legends on my laptop. I usually check in once a day to see if I have any new messages or their are topics/posts. Look forward to meeting new people and seeing how many of the old return. Also check my about me for my Dropbox referral.
  5. MMORPGs: What are you playing?

    I'm playing League of Legends on my laptop, Pokemon Shuffe on my 3DS, Fallout Shelter & MKX on my Android devices.