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  1. Hi

    Hey y'all! I have been browsing through PokeJungle for a while now and love reading your discussion and speculations on the news topics so I decided to join the fun! My name's Vincent, I'm 18 years old (turning 19 in two days tho) and live in Germany. I'll start going to university this month and study Political Sciene and European Ethnology. I kinda suck at introducing myself so if you want to know anything else about me just ask away
  2. My first post on here, yay! I have tons of favorite Pokemon so it was a challenge to narrow them down to just ten. Ranking them was tough, too! I will add some honorable mentions at the end though to show the ones that didn't quite make the list some love. <3 1. Volcarona I just adore Volcarona. It was love at first glance and I couldn't imagine playing through BW2 without it. The fifth generation was a great gen for my favorite type which is bug and Volcarona is a prime example for this. It's simply beautiful and a force to be reckoned with. It's so majestic too! 2. Goldeen / Seaking I honestly don't know why but since I was little I've always loved these two. I even used both of them on my first team in Pokemon Blue lol. Their designs are rather simple, basically just pretty fish with a horn but that's what makes me love them. I also have a soft spot for underdogs and these two are really forgotten and under appreciated. Also, 5th gen gifted them with their hidden ability Lightning Rod which makes them hard to deal with if you know how to use them correctly. 3. Infernape My favorite starter Pokemon ever. I love him so much which is weird considering I'm not a huge fan of apes nor fire and fighting types in general. I just have a strong connection to it because it was my first ever Pokemon to reach level 100 and it saved my butt so many times during Pearl and Platinum. He's grown on me so much during that play through and I will always have a soft spot for Infernape in my heart. 4. Leafeon I like most of the eevelutions and Leafeon is clearly my favorite. I just fell in love with it's design and it can be really powerful too. Whenever I catch an Eevee for my play through I will make sure to evolve it into either Leafeon or Vaporeon (which I love as well). It's the whole package for me - cute, strong, well designed and pretty. 5. Vivillon I honestly don't care much about stats and stuff that's why the early game bugs always make it to the hall of fame in my play throughs. However, Vivillon turned out to be more than the typical early game bug and I wasn't fooled by that and underestimated it unlike many others. I used it on my first Y run right after the game was released and fell in love with it. It has a fantastic ability with Compound Eyes, is rather fast, can hit hard, learns Quiver Dance, Sleep Powder and other great STAB and coverage moves and on top of all that it's pretty darn cute! How can you not like that thing? 6. Leavanny Let me think of a run through a 5th gen game where I haven't used Leavanny... well I can't think of any. It's one of my favorite Unova Pokemon and despite being overlooked by many because of it's unfortunate typing it never let me down and was a fantastic addition to all of my teams. It can hit pretty hard and learns great moves just by leveling up. Obviously, I also love Leavanny's design and her it's pre evolutions are freaking adorable! 7. Tauros Not sure why but I just really like Tauros. Most people think it's rather bland and unoriginal but I really like it's rather simple design. It's really powerful too - hits hard, is fast and can take hits. It has a wide move pool too and I just think it looks cool and badass. 8. Durant Yet another 5th Gen bug type that made the list. Honestly, Durant is so overlooked and underestimated it's ridiculous. It hits like a tank and looks extremely cool tho! I just recently used one on my X run and it was a wonderful addition. Amazing move pool, fast, hits hard, can take most physical hits and is basically a badass ant covered with iron - how cool is that? Screw Scizor, Durant is my number 1 Bug/Steel type. 9. Dragalge Dragon is probably my least favorite type so I am surprised myself a dragon made it on here. But Dragalge is just so freaking BEAUTIFUL. I fell in love with his design and it took me a while to realize it wasn't Poison/Water lol. It was a great member of my team in Y and proved to be much more than beautiful. 10. Sandslash Armadillos and such are among my favorite animals irl so no wonder I adore Sandshrew (so cute!) and Sandslash. Sandslash looks cute intimidating with all those spikes and those claws but it still kept some of the cuteness it had when it was a Sandshrew and I like that! It can also hold it's own in battles and did great on my W2 and Yellow teams. Honorable mentions : Electivire Yanmega Mothim Venomoth Feraligatr Vaporeon Zebstrika Charizard Sceptile Kabutops Rhydon Galvantula Girafarig Butterfree Gogoat Crobat and also many more but this is getting out of hand. EDIT: The sprites I added disappeared, oh well