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  1. Which Starter Pokemon Type Do You Prefer?

    Im usually a water/grass guy, except sinnoh I choose fire because I dislike the others too much, and johto because I love all three, but consistently its mostly water.
  2. Top 10 least Favorite Pokémon (to me)

    I personally don't hate any pokemon, but I have a strong dislike for Metagross and Lucario. I also forgot Lucarios name for like 4 minutes before I posted this.
  3. Honestly I like the Forums better but it seems very inactive most of the time. :C

    1. pokejungle
    2. Aurora Fae

      Aurora Fae

      They clearly don't know what they're missing

  4. Princess Kaguya was an amazing movie
  5. Don't be a drag just be a Queen! 

    1. Wes


      Whether you're broke or evergreen!

  6. Super Mario Maker levels?

    I will definitely play your levels soon! I make all of my levels with a theme, I'm tired of seeing super messy levels pop up randomly as they are unappealing and usually not well thought out so I decided to make my own, none of them are particularly hard imo but they are cool too me, I usually make them with a story in my head surrounding the costumes I use in them. I made a zelda level based on ganons castle from OoT with Link costumes and I have a few animal crossing ones but I haven't played in a little while because no new costumes have come out recently
  7. What's your favorite Alola Pokémon

    Ribombee out of the poll ones, a certain mushroom line out of all of them O_O
  8. Request-a-Trade

    thank you very much for the offer but someone has helped me out since then
  9. Hey are you back on the regular jungle? Cause someone called Princess Fae is there now

    1. Aurora Fae

      Aurora Fae

      Yes buddy thats me, Im all good now

  10. Request-a-Trade

    Does anyone have a female Hoppip (or any of its line) in a "LOVE" ball that they could trade me? I want to masuda one but I cant transfer from my HG anymore. I have several things that I could trade you, including a shiny sandshrew I just caught.
  11. I preordered Pokemon Moon today and suddenly it all feels so real and so close. Hype!

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    2. Malco


      Yo! I actually preordered Moon, but all this hype makes me want to buy the other version too. I'll probably get to it at some point...

    3. Aurora Fae

      Aurora Fae

      @Malco Me too, honestly, truly, Iconic. No but seriously, I am also thinking about getting sun and having that be my second version where I choose a female character and having moon be my true play through. I did that with XY but I'm so poor right now. :(

    4. Malco


      @Aurora Fae  I think I am gonna perform a reverse this gen. I will make my "main" version Moon be the replay version I will reset for Nuzlockes mainly to get multiple Lunala. I will make the "sub" version Sun be the version I play once and never reset, where I store everything.

      I learned my lesson in XY where I like Y better but since it's my main playthrough I couldn't reset it to get more Yveltal, so I have to trade my Xerneases from my X nuzlockes and speedruns for often trashy Yveltals.

  12. Pokéjungle Family Portrait Survey ^-^

    @Ithsme I did actually see the alolan raticate and type:null info, I didnt see the new ultra beast info though (at least I don't remember them) that red bug dude is very large lol, the other one is kinda cool though, I think I will have to see how they contribute to the story/gameplay before I decide if I like the ultra beasts or not
  13. Pokéjungle Family Portrait Survey ^-^

    Sept 6th? Was that the rock ruff evo and the monkey? or was that something else?
  14. Pokéjungle Family Portrait Survey ^-^

    A friend of mine actually told me about that I was really excited and then he sent me the images for the monkeys who are also super cool, so I think I'm up to date at this point yes
  15. Pokéjungle Family Portrait Survey ^-^

    I'm not avoiding the issue, I would just rather people not talk about me on there. Thank you though for deleting your comments, you really don't have to, I would have just rather had gone under the radar in the first place, but I hear the damage is done now. Its all good.