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  1. which game did you choose

    The most obvious choice: MOON!
  2. Hi Ithusme, It's me, ReviewReviewr and I wanted to say I'm really sorry on my recent actions sometimes being angry makes you do wrong actions, just like me. I really hope you're not angry at me and didnt' block me, because I really feel bad. I want to give you a shiny Toucannon as a present/apology gift, please don't block me
  3. Hi, am I allowed to switch my Wailord for a Milotic?
  4. Hi, for your shiny thing, I'd like to have Glaceon, Azumaril and Wailord please! FC posted there.

  5. Oops never mind the If not then a shiny Glaceon forgot to remove that!
  6. Hi! I'd like a shiny Azumaril, Glaceon and Wailord please! If not then a shiny Glaceon! My F-C is 3153-5776-6168. Please reply asap! My IGN is Aisu.