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  1. Well something very unexpected has happened to me recently. Just as I've been gearing up for my second round of applications to vet school I get a phone call. I got accepted into a vet school last minute from my first application cycle. So starting at the end of August I'll be on my way to becoming a veterinarian. Guess talking about Pokemon during my interview didn't blow it for me. Lol

    1. Nomyt


      Congratulations, I hope you have great time. :) Although, Your next step is to figure out how to make real pets into pokemon, you can do it. Be the first ever Pokémon Professor!! (I jest, of course ;)

    2. Accalia_Luperca


      Well they've done a bunch of weird stuff with mice. Everything from getting them to release a static charge when feeling threatened to having certain parts of them glow like a jelly fish. We may be on our way to a Pikachu. Lol