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  1. Well something very unexpected has happened to me recently. Just as I've been gearing up for my second round of applications to vet school I get a phone call. I got accepted into a vet school last minute from my first application cycle. So starting at the end of August I'll be on my way to becoming a veterinarian. Guess talking about Pokemon during my interview didn't blow it for me. Lol

    1. Nomyt


      Congratulations, I hope you have great time. :) Although, Your next step is to figure out how to make real pets into pokemon, you can do it. Be the first ever Pokémon Professor!! (I jest, of course ;)

    2. Accalia_Luperca


      Well they've done a bunch of weird stuff with mice. Everything from getting them to release a static charge when feeling threatened to having certain parts of them glow like a jelly fish. We may be on our way to a Pikachu. Lol

  2. Contemplating doing a nuzlocke of some kind. I'm thinking about doing either Pokemon White or Pokemon Y. Although I have my Pokemon Yellow nuzlocke so I should probably finish that first. I've made it to Cinnabar Island so far but I'm not sure I'll make it off. Gen 1 nuzlockes are crazy I don't know what I was thinking.

  3. Top 10 Favorite Pokemon of your Favorite Type?!

    I know what you mean. I had a devil of a time narrowing mine down and even then I'm still unsure about it.
  4. USUM up what you want in this game!

    More Alolan Pokemon. Really don't care too much about UBs so I hope there's more lore around the legendaries. I would like more Megas but I doubt that will happen. And I can't wait for those empty lots to have something built in them. I don't even care what they are but the empty space bothers me. It's like wondering what's in a present even though you're pretty sure what it will be there's still that uncertainty.
  5. Top 10 Favorite Pokemon of your Favorite Type?!

    My favorite type is still probably electric with dark coming close. I usually like the electric or lightning element monsters in various games. There's just something about electricity. I also really like rodents and rodent like animals and many electric types thanks to Pikachu resemble such animals. I even used to have a job working with lab rodents and my boss even made a comment about me having an electric personality. Lol Anyways my top 10 are probably: 1. Raichu 2. Dedenne (Quite possibly the cutest Pokemon ever) 3. Jolteon 4. Zapdos (Go Instinct!) 5. Raikou 6. Rotom 7. Electivire 8. Joltik (I like Galvantula too but Joltik is adorable and I like the idea of it) 9. Lanturn 10. Manectric
  6. Which Starter Pokemon Type Do You Prefer?

    Yeah I'm surprised by that too.
  7. Man I haven't been on here since the beginning of February. In that time my dog died, I took a road trip to a grad school interview, and I got a new job. It's amazing what can happen in a few months.

    1. Josh Omega

      Josh Omega

      sorry about your dog. but anyways welcome back! 

    2. Accalia_Luperca


      Thanks. We're always going to miss him but we have tons of happy memories to look back on. It was rough the first month without him. Mostly because I was doing cpr on him after he went into cardiac arrest and I had to make the call to let him go as my family watched. He was 12 years old so he was an old dog but I kept thinking back on the what ifs and kicking myself. Thankfully I'm past that stage and can just focus on the good times. 

  8. Which Starter Pokemon Type Do You Prefer?

    Yeah it's a hard and a somewhat evil would you rather question my friend came up with.
  9. Which Starter Pokemon Type Do You Prefer?

    So you would go with the grass type starters then?
  10. Which Starter Pokemon Type Do You Prefer?

    Yeah but say you were forced to only ever use one type of starter from now on would you pick fire, water, or grass? For example since you seem to lean slightly more to fire types if I counted right then if you picked fire you would be stucking using Charmander in Kanto, Cyndaquil in Johto, Torchic in Hoenn, Chimchar in Sinnoh, Tepig in Unova, Fennekin in Kalos, Litten in Alola, and then whatever other fire starters are to come in future regions. It's really hard to decide when you aren't the type of person who normally goes by type or at least it was for me.
  11. I had kind of been ignoring the trailers and hype for it until last month. I finally broke down and watched the trailers and some demos of the game. I'm pretty excited for it. I also love reading rants and arguments about where people think it fits in the timeline or how they think the timeline is annoying. I personally think the timeline is a fun little bonus and like to make theories about it too although I'm not really set on the new game being set on a certain point on the timeline. Does anyone else here have thoughts on the new game?
  12. A Question

    So long as you're 13 or older you can have a youtube account and channel using your google account. It's in their Terms of Service. If you're under 13 then technically you need to use the channel under parental supervision meaning they're aware of it and reviewing content and videos before you put them up. If you're parents are concerned about you having a channel and you're under 13 you can try just doing videos that only use your voice and not your actual face and see if that convinces them to let you have one. Not showing your face will protect a lot of your privacy and should make your parents feel more comfortable. Also if your parents are against you having one you should try and find out why they're against it so you can see if you can find compromise with them by finding solutions to their concerns. I wish you luck.
  13. Pokéjungle Family Portrait Survey ^-^

    I'm totally going to write a story because that sounds like fun...but I have no interest in being in the balloon. I have serious issues with heights. So the balloon wouldn't make any sense for me. If I lived in the Pokemon world not sure I could ever fly around on the back of a Pokemon. Hike mountains, enter dark caves, and dive in the ocean no problem but sweet marmalade don't send me into the sky unless it's an airplane. lol
  14. Request-a-Trade

    I need to start working on getting that shiny charm myself but meh I'll worry about it later. Anyways FC:4613-9149-1474 IGN: Marilyn I'm able to do it now too if you want. Just send me a message if you do.