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  1. The SuMo Complain Thread

    The grind can grow old, but I'd say this is actually a perk. It gives meaning to finding whatever that Pokemon is, especially if it's at such a low rate through an S.O.S. encounter. I almost wish there was something extra that those of us who've completed the Pokedex before the January '17 update.
  2. If anyone has either of these, I'd be grateful to negotiate a trade.
  3. I used to roleplay a Professor Eion. V. Evans (Eevee gijinka), whose research concerned Pokémon's moves, like Kukui. He focused on moves that were essentially the same attacks, but utilized varying degrees of power, like Absorb through Giga Drain and the Horn Leech physical variant. Z-Moves would have been fascinating to him.
  4. I have a black/pink Clink-Clunk Land and a red/yellow Trick Room. None of my friends have anything irregular, and I've not seen anything about this elsewhere yet. Anyone else have oddly colored facilities?
  5. I'm tempted to beat my first play-through of Pokemon Sun with an entirely grass type team. 

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    2. Nomyt


      I started a Grass Team in Y. Did quite well (got to Valerie) but was unhappy with the Main Character's name. (Didn't match the Grass theme.) Was quite a fun team tho. Highly recommend. My plan for SuMo is Moon all new Gen pokemon, and Su will have all Alolan forms.

    3. Malco


      I was gonna do Water monotype, myself..!

    4. Nomyt


      I planned to try and do one for each type, maybe one day I will go ahead and try this challenge again.