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  1. Pokemon Multiverse Discussion/Rant

    There are different becouse since R/B/G are passed 20 years. Wally and Anabel are not the only returning character, there is even a five gen elite four and the best character, aside from N, from gen 5 Colress. Personaly from the Multiverse thing the only "thing" i want to go back in thery own universe, or game if you prefer, are the UB. BandaiNamco call, they need this Digimon back.
  2. Since i have to version for my trainer character, one from the non MegaEvolution time line and the other from the universe when MegaEvolution exist, i have to say the second (from the MegaEvolution time line) study the fossil Pokèmon and similar. For similar i mean like Yanma that evolve in Yanmega using ancient power.
  3. Shiny Pokemon Stories!

    After four entire boxes of breeding, running around in circle, follow the Masuda Method (thank you GTS random trainer from Japan for your emboar) i finaly get my very FIRST shiny Pokèmon in Su/Mo. I always have the time to do this in Or/As but, during the process, i hatch a 6IV Tepig and i was feel bad not used so i stop breeding for a Shiny Tepig. But know i was determined to get this shiny and finaly is here. Also egg move power...even if i only care about Heavy Slam (Pesobomba in italian). So random japanese trainer thank you. Now i only have to breed for a Popplio...since is the only water type i like in Alola. Or somebody have suggestion of what i can shiny hunt next?
  4. Hiker for all my live! Especialy Andy Hiker from B/W, but to be more specific his dialogue in the japanese version. He only want a big bear hug. But im a little disappointed with the Hiker from Su/Mo.
  5. I spend the time thinking: why the relase date from Europe is different? Yes, is speculate is for the day one broken with X/Y but they don't official confirmed. So if his for real they probably to a shame to talk. You don't see the other company do this becouse one game brake the day one. But seriusly i try to avoide spoiler and try to play and finish Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn in hard mode...you know becouse i love my self.
  6. What Are You Listening To?

    I don't know why but recently i really like this song and i don't even play the game yet.
  7. Preliminary Sun/Moon Teams

    I don't have any team ready but...i normaly follow some rules for create a team in a new Pokèmon game. The stater, generic regional bird, the regional bug, the "Pikachu" type (non Pikachu clone but a Pokémon then i like but i don't make evolved) and then the classic type trio. So depend of the starter i gonna catch the other two elemental mons; since i start with Litten i gonna catch a grass type and water type. But since this time i can trade starter with my self i probably use all the starter from Alola. So my team can be like this: Litten Rowlet / Comfey Popplio / Wishiwashi Pikipek Mimikyu Cutiefly I probably use other Pokémon but my mean team for now is this, at least for the starter. I even add the alternative, in case change my mind and not use all the starter, for the starter.
  8. I like all this evolution design. I start with Rowlet final evolution: the archer owl. Is Takumi from Fates basicly and i really like a archer Pokémon. The Litten final evolution is...is...is...so amazing cute! I don't know why but i find that design very cute, but ehi im one of the rare person how find Emboar cute. Popplio final evolution i can talk for hours how the "is to female design" argoument is invalid, since we have the bishonen guy (beutifull boy basicly) and this type of man in the media look more a female then a male. But for me remind a lot of this (sorry is the italian opening but...i have this song in my mind all the time i see that design): Since the Litten final evolution concept art for the anime have one of the trial captain, Mallow, in his page i think this is what we get. I will be very surprise if this are not the real one. I already think some nickname for this pokemon. Rowlet (M) is Takumi, Litten (M) is Unryu and Popplio(F) is Lucya. If i end with a Popplio (M) it hink i can nicknamed him as "Satonaka".
  9. Pokémon Sun & Moon Discussion

    Somebody have pre order the Z-Ring? Or im the only one in the universe to have pre order that amazing toy? I can't wait to have it in my hand becouse im super curios to see how it work with the game.
  10. Pokemon 8 gen leaks

    Only the squirrel is a animal you can fin here in italy. If i found a Arbok..oh sorry a Kobra...sorry again is a Cobra here i will tell you. Platypus? I wish they can be found here.
  11. Pokémon Sun & Moon Discussion

    We finaly get the news. Opinion about the new trailer? For me is a mix opinion, becouse Rowlet is basicly become Takumi from Fire Emblem. Popplio is become the new Hannah Montana and...i really hope Litten final evolution is that big tiger wrestling. Possibly Fire/Dark, i will be ok with Fire/Fight but for some reason the Dark type suite him way better. I love they basicly kill the Mega Evolutions becouse i like the Battle Point but...is so boring to grind that thing. I spend on entire month only for get the power up item for breeding, becouse at the time i was try to pass a specific IV. The Battle Maison was so boring and, to be worst, for me at least, now the Mega Stones are only via Battle Point. I hope the battle location is very intresting or i can possible go to sleep when i playing. Plase don't copy and paste the Battle Maison from X/Y again. The Festival Plaza...is amazing. I can't wait to try all the fuction. Unfortunaly i not use the Join Avenue so much, becouse in my town no body give a crap about Pokémon (becouse we are adult now we need to play Fifa, GTA, CoD and all that happy lovley bullshit), so i was very limited about that function. Now i can have somthing very similar but with the online. Im happy and i can't wait. Ash Greninja....i take basicly all the Gen6 time for apriciate Greninja. I starting to hate after play Smash Bros, then in a very slow way i was started to liked the ninja frog. He recive this plot device called "Ash Greninja" in the anime and i was ok with that. But in game..why is called Ash Greninja? Ash is not even part of the canon in the game, simple dosen't exist. Why is still called Ash Greninja? Promote the anime? Sure, but i feel this very strange and i don't like to much. Is like that DLC then you download only becouse is free, but you don't care at all about it. This is for me at least.
  12. What Are You Listening To?

    I never took the time for listening to the OST of this series...and now i love it! <3
  13. Pokémon Sun & Moon Discussion

    See the design for Alolan Marowak i would like to see a Alolan Cubone, becouse according to the description for Marowak it seem to be a nightmare for a poor ground type Cubone live in Alola. Pikachu i kinda understand why, even the creatore they don't know why Raichu is different in Alola, but Exeggcute wuld be nice to have a form change. Becouse even if the Pokèdex say there are seed...i always see as a pair of eggs, so a new look could work better for me. I only hope then Alolan Meowth have an Alolan Persian evolution. Aside from that i only hope Su/Mo have more NEW pokémon compare to X/Y. Also i can't wait to have a Alolan Meowth in my team, evry generation i always a "Pikachu" sorta of mascotte for my team. That Pokémon that i don't want to evolve becouse...friendship is magic i guess x°D.