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  1. PokeJungle League Gym Leader Organization

    Why not Alolan Muk? It's neutral to Tapu's typical moves, it can tank special attacks well, and it can fire back with powerful super effective Poision Jabs (or Gunk Shot if you wanna be risky).
  2. PokeJungle League Gym Leader Organization

    I've been experimenting with so many different Pokémon on Showdown. It wasn't going well for a while. Some Pokémon that tried (and failed) to be on my team: Braviary, Smeargle, Toucanon, Komala, Stoutland, and Porygon2 (who usually does well for me). These Pokémon are for sure on my team by now: Porygon-Z (My star player) Drampa (super underrated Pokémon, as I've recently discovered) Ditto (to spite and punish anyone for setting up on me) Bewear (Wow that thing can take non-STAB fighting hits well...) The 5th member is currently teetering between Blissey and a utility Staraptor. Blissey (or Chansey) might seem like a better choice, but this Staraptor set is working surprisingly well. It just might stay. My wild card Pokémon is Mimikyu, because it's trying to appear "normal," and it's typing combats Fighting and Dragon types so well. Unfortunately it's really been falling flat...the metagame is just so dominated by Steel types and it has nothing to deal with those, even with a Weakness Policy. Once bank comes out, I'll probably switch it out for Assault Vest Kecleon. That's always worked well, and it's kind of my signature at this point
  3. PokeJungle League Gym Leader Organization

    I messaged Paul on Twitter. He thinks it's a great idea and will hopefully get around to it in the next few days!
  4. PokeJungle League Gym Leader Organization

    Somebody should reach out to Paul or another site admin to get an article featuring our gym challenge. I'll bet many people on the main site have forgotten about this entirely.
  5. PokeJungle League Gym Leader Organization

    I am SO pumped for bank to come out! Gonna start testing some teams on Showdown.
  6. PokeJungle League Gym Leader Organization

    You might want to tag @Ithsme in that test Also, whatever happened to @Poekoko??
  7. PokeJungle League Gym Leader Organization

    Shouldn't we wait though until everybody has their badge?
  8. Shiny Pokemon Stories!

    If I had a shiny Bruxish I'd name it "McDonalds" My Gen VII shiny story is very similar Ran into a shiny Wingull while EV training. It ended up having great ability, nature, and decent IVs, so now I'm readying it for some competitive use! I love that Pelipper can have Drizzle now.
  9. PokeJungle League Gym Leader Organization

    Hey @Poekoko, how are the final few badges coming along?
  10. PokeJungle League Gym Leader Organization

    Also, now that it's December, I'm wondering: When will we start this all up? @Ithsme?
  11. Request-a-Trade

    In desperate need of a Destiny Knot. I've got a Metal Coat, Bottle Cap, or Master Ball I'd be willing to trade for it. Please let me know if you're interested.
  12. PokeJungle League Gym Leader Organization

    Are us 8 gym leaders going to get the "Gym Leader" label next to our Disqus names?
  13. PokeJungle League Gym Leader Organization

    I imagine so? We'll eventually be able to use any non-legendary Pokémon via bank.
  14. Munchlax Nintendo Network event for SUNMOON

    I SRd until I got a decent enough nature for my Munchlax. I ended up with Adament!
  15. Request-a-Trade

    UPD: I got one!