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  1. What legendary was the hardest to catch

    I didn't have any issues with any of the legendaries except for Tapu Koko, took me about 45 minutes to finally catch it (the others only took me 5-10 minutes each)
  2. Well the last time Poekoko was on, he said that he wasn't able to access his computer that much so I'm guessing that he's probably busy with stuff in his life and getting ready for the holidays
  3. I would probably study shiny pokemon and what causes them
  4. Favorite Tapu

    I quite like Tapu Fini, I love its design, typing, and the lore behind it. Tapu Koko is a very close second, though.
  5. I was doing a battle in the Battle Royal Dome and one the trainers had a Regirock. O.o Excuse me!? Why is that even a thing?

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    2. Malco


      I got megas in Normal Rank... o.O

      I saw Zapdos in Hyper Rank...

    3. Wes


      Yeah, the Royals are a pain, but it's so satisfying to finally beat the Master rank! Especially when you've only used your favorite type! :D

    4. Malco


      I followed Gladion's footsteps and I did it with Silvally..!

      There's a ribbon for winning master rank too, so that's a good incentive.

  6. The SuMo Complain Thread

    I think there might be, but I haven't gotten a lot of stuff unlocked in the plaza so I'm just EV training the old fashioned way
  7. The SuMo Complain Thread

    I hate the way that you have to try and find your friends if you want to trade or battle with them. They should've just kept the PSS or at least had a section where your friends are separate from random people. I also agree with Poekoko that it sucks that they got rid of hordes and made it more difficult to EV train, but at least they increased the extra EV gain of the power items from 4 to 8.
  8. Request-a-Trade

    Let me know whenever you're ready to trade
  9. Request-a-Trade

    Also my friend code is 4270-2578-9981
  10. Request-a-Trade

    My name in the game is Kristen
  11. Request-a-Trade

    I'll be available for most of the day today so we can trade whenever you have the chance
  12. Request-a-Trade

    Anybody want a Pheromosa for one of their Buzzwoles?
  13. You can change the way that you throw out your pokemon!? O.o That's one bit of customization that I never expected to see, but I quite like it. 

  14. Request-a-Trade

    Want one of my Celesteelas for a Kartana?