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  1. I would like a Goomy with the Ability, Hydration, a Nature that increase Sp. Defense, and these moves:

    Bide and Rain Dance

  2. Hmm...For a color background for my badge, I would generally leave it up to you if you. My initial thought was something like a pastel gradient to give a sort of misty look. Like thing a pastel sky blue fadint upwards to white, but I have no idea how it would look really, and more then likely would be bad.
  3. Anyways while we still do need to set things up for the league proper, I figured it might be good to start sharing things that we know are concrete with our teams. Like our formats and what pokemon we use since I do feel that the latter is something that we should state openly. After all if your good you should be prepared for any possible team. So concrete team before Bank: 1. Metagross 2. Togedemaru 3. Lucario 4. Scizor 5. Probopass Wildcard. Pelipper
  4. I have two 3Ds's. My old one I simply never update and use for hacking, so I guess it kinda worked out. Go figure.
  5. Oh yeah, I forgot that was one method of unlocking it. I think I managed to do it with the youtube app glitch.
  6. Ithsme. You know a number of us use PKhex for one reason or another. As well its been nearly two month's at this point. If teams aren't ready soon, Poe and I probably should just step in and gen pokemon for people to use until they replace them on their own time.
  7. Ith has spoken on this already. Generally it is up to us to choose formats. Singles or doubles, how many pokemon, same items allowed or not, or as much as the game will allow. Personally I'm running Doubles myself And I'm debating whether to allow a full six pokemon or go for the standard 4.
  8. I use Pkhex as well if anyone needs anything quickly. I always aim to get things legit when ever I can, but if their even small things you want changed like nature, ev's, iv's or even just a shiny to look cool I'll happily do the work.
  9. I'd guess at this point it comes down to making sure that everyone has their teams ready, and worse case scenario if their not done someone who gens could just give people the pokemon they need until they can replace them on their own.
  10. Yeah we should, though the longer we wait, the more people lose interest in Sun and Moon. I mean I'd be game for setting up some point where we just say we need to start one way or another. Even if it were after Christmas or something at this point since people are going to be busy.
  11. That probably would, though after we do we should probably create a thread that can easily link to all of the pages encase one gets buried and use it to act as our Q&A page
  12. Pretty sure its just to Holiday's really. I'm still around lurking since I don't have much to contribute to the conversation. My teams all set for when we start.
  13. So one last question for the league. Should we allow Island Scan pokemon?
  14. Yeah probably. So then It probably will be M-metagross until Bank opens up.