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  1. Well vote and tell me what you really want new from this game!
  2. Yeah USUM has been spoiled and me want to hide from it. So How's everyone doing here?
  3. Liven the place up

    We need more activity here let me start up a topic
  4. Who needs a boost?

    Hillo its Kurusu! Listen up if any of you ever are feeling Run down, Miserable, unappreciated, depressed, pitiful, unworthy, unhappy, or anything like the above, just post here and as soon as I read it (I'm here at least once a day to check anyway) I will try and destroy whatever is eating you! Because y'all are great to me, now I wanna do something in turn for you!
  5. Star, if your really making a small scale Jade Jungle then here take some of my Fakemons for it! 

    (You can make movesets for them and stat totals) 

    -Venkamoi- Flying 

    Ability: Aerilate, Huge Power 

    It's Yellow and jet like in looks with Teal outlining.

    -Bralf and Brak- Grass

    Ability: Thick Fat, Sap Sipper

    Bralf evolves into Brak at lvl.35

    -Guardall- Steel 

    Ability: Wonder Guard

    -Mantimp and Shrimpout- Water/Fighting 

    Ability: Iron Fist, Vital Spirit

    Mantimp evolves into Shrimpout when it learns Mach Punch at level 22

    -Lunacoon and Stellaroon- Dark

    Ability: Skill Link 

    Lunacoon evolves into Stellaroon at level 27

    I'll post Pictures of designs in a bit when I finish them and I hope you decide to use them :)

  6. Gen 8 VS ReD/P

    They actually have switched mid gen before because Yellow was for the GB color And the logic behind the they are never on the same system because 3DS is not a DS they play the same games (mostly) but they aren't the same
  7. Wrong on that Yungoos one, its based on the Indian Mongoose that was brought in to handle the Rat problem that was eating away the sugarcane plantations. And Stars on a Flag? Tons of Countries have Stars with that logic Australia could also be a prime Canidate for it And I think it could happen, not trying to argue with you on that, but I do have a theory if Stantler gets a Regional Variant of an Axis Deer, then I believe it may hint at an Indian Region because that would be two introduced Pokemon from a place that symbolizes India. But a China region would be nice too just nitpicking some small flaws
  8. Pokemon 8 gen leaks

    If this happens I will literally go to game freak and say "You are the best people I've ever known!"
  9. Pokemon 8 gen leaks

    Well Squirrels I think appear in Italy naturally, but yeah sounds fake, if its right I'll cancel my YouTube channel
  10. Well he is making a region and needs starters so choose your Starters!
  11. I love the Alolan Muk Card!
  12. Tiny Tourney

    Nah I got nothing competitive for it
  13. Hi folks I decided since my comments normally are just spam about it on the main site I decided to move to Forums to house my stuff so every few days I release 1-2 episodes all of my adventures in Sinnoh!
  14. Kurusu's Platinum Adventure!

    Oh Episode 4 came and 5 will be up in about 20 mins.
  15. Alright so tell me whats your favorite Type and your top 10 of said type? I'm dying to know
  16. What is your Opinion on Pokemon Ultra Sun & Pokemon Ultra Moon?

    I honestly think these will be terrific games with some new Pokemon and new Forms that I really hope will be a great game that can top even Sun and Moon
  17. Kurusu's Platinum Adventure!

    The first 3 episodes have aired here you go Next one shall somewhere between the 11-14 Thanks for watching!
  18. Top 10 Favorite Pokemon of your Favorite Type?!

    Go Instinct! Instinct buddies
  19. USUM up what you want in this game!

    If Other say what it is you want
  20. Top 10 Favorite Pokemon of your Favorite Type?!

    My favorite is Water and my top 10 10. Lumineon 9. Bibarel 8. Feraligatr 7. Omastar 6. Blastoise 5. Kingler 4. Palpitoad 3. Suicune 2. Politoed 1. Samurott
  21. Bored just soooooooo bored! no games yet, school ain't out, Can't start my Video series yet ARGH!

  22. which game did you choose

    Moon all the way!
  23. Which Starter Pokemon Type Do You Prefer?

    I love Water what can I say ?
  24. Well I should say I have scraped my last region tbh, but have worked on a new one Welcome to the Scalen region (based on Ireland) and its many Pokemon Starters Grass -Mozmur -> Sproutmur -> Sprigrape Grass -> Grass -> Grass/Fighting Fire -Illumallo -> Armalux -> Heatgollo Fire -> Fire -> Fire/Fairy Water -Lizeed -> Currilisk-> Bazavolt Water -> Water -> Water/Electric Native Pokemon -Dubeck -> ??? -> Mockreech (based on Black birds and Mocking Birds) Normal/Flying> both after are Dark/Flying *Dubeck are primarily Male -Ibliss -> ??? -> ??? (Based on Ibis's and Flamingos) Normal/Flying> Both after Fairy/Flying *Ibliss are primarily Female -Voliume -> Volodious (based on Meadow Voles) Fully Normal -Malzil -> Titanialis-> Chromroach (based on Silverfish and Cockroaches) Bug> Both after Bug/Steel -Graagy -> Rockabaash (based on Counting Sheep) Normal> Normal/Rock -Quirm -> Massethrm (based on Mongolian Death Worms) Fully Poison/Ground -??? -> ??? -> ??? (Based on Clown Beetles then Beetle Pupa the Tiger Beetles) Bug> Bug> Bug/??? -Snobalee -> Fleery -> Blizzony (based on Snowballs) Ice> Ice> Ice/Psychic -Kiricle (based on the Kirin) Dragon/Fairy -Floatter -> ??? -> ??? (Based on Giant River otters and icebergs) Fully Water/Ice -Foalsus -> Pegasty (based on Pegasus) Fully ???/Flying -??? -> ??? (Based on Pigs then Flying Pigs) Ground -> Ground/Flying -Briclaw -> ??? (based on Brine shrimp) Fully Water type -Steallerd -> Smokerry (based on Steamers and Ferry's) Fully Fire/Flying -Bralf -> Brak (based on Wildebeest) full Grass -??? -> ??? (Based on an Artic Petrel) full Ice/Flying -Celestling -> Carriken (based on Star fruit plants) Grass> Grass/??? -??? (Based on Marlins and alt. Form is a Blobfish) Water -??? -> ??? Or ??? (Based on Dolphin Fish) Water> Water/Fighting or Water/Psychic -Boxaboa (based on a Jerboa) Electric/Fighting -Lunacoon-> Stellaroon (based on Racoons) full on Dark -??? -> ??? (based on Bombshells) Steel> Steel/Dark -??? (based on Elephant Seals) Water/??? -Dualnid -> Quadrach -> Octanid (based on common spiders) fully Bug -??? -> ??? (based on Paper Talismans) fully Ghost/Normal -Doliave-> Dolscle (based on Sand dollars and Mussels) Ground> Ground/Fighting The Main Legendary is Glichrus (A virus) Dark/Poison Regional Forms -Pineco -> Forretress- Ground/Bug (based on Peanuts) -Rhyhorn -> Rhydon -> Rhyperior- Rock/Electric (based on Brontotherium) -Sawk and Throh- Fighting/Dark (based on Oni) -Lickitung -> Lickylicky- Poison (based on Gila Monsters) And more to come!
  25. The "...." Region

    So far people for about Two-ish months now I have been creating a new Pokémon region and I've decided this is where I'll set up shop to show people I'll still be at regular Jungle but new things will be here. So just wait and see for all the new Fun Pokémon waiting to see you!