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  1. Opinion on Team Skull and the Aether Foundation

    IT'S YOUR BOY, GUZMA ! Team Skull has so much personality. Even if they use typical "evil team" Pokemon, I still love how much attitude and personality they have compared to some other villain teams from past Pokemon games. These guys are just fun to see in-game with how animated they are, making them easily memorable. I seriously can't wait to see more of them in-game. The Aether Foundation definitely has something up their sleeves, and I'm genuinely interested to see if the "good organization with secret evil intent" theory turns out to be true. It would be a welcomed change.
  2. They're all amazing, and I'm so glad they're confirmed at this point.
  3. Pikmin Franchise Thoughts

    Hi all ! I'm a pretty big fan of Pokemon, naturally. But it's not actually my favorite franchise. That honor goes to the Pikmin Series. I adore Pikmin, and would consider myself a hardcore fan of the games. With the video revealing a brand new handheld Pikmin game in the works, and the news of a Pikmin 4 coming eventually, I'm curious if there's any other Pikmin fans out there, and if so, what are your thoughts on the 3 games in the series so far ? As for me, here's my take on them: Pikmin - What started out as a brand new franchise from Nintendo, quickly caught my interest and became an instant favorite for me. I loved the idea of controlling these colored plant/animal hybrids to help the space captain, Olimar make it home safe after piecing back together his damaged spaceship. It was very charming and the real-world items thrown into the maps really helped make the game feel more realistic. It was an excellent game with very few issues, and I've just recently played through it again. While not as hard as I recall, I still enjoyed it just as much as I did back when I first had played it. Pikmin 2 - A mere 3 years later, and Pikmin 2 was released. The sequel was even better than the first game, and I'd dare say it was nearly flawless. It had a fair, but challenging learning curve that still manages to prove difficult for me, even though I've beaten the game many times already. Underground caves really switched up the gameplay and offered a brand new sense of strategy and planning that you wouldn't really have above ground. The bosses could range from easymode to "HOLY CRAP WHY CAN'T I KILL THIS THING !?", combined with the sheer number of new enemies, and hazards, Pikmin 2 was a sequel done RIGHT ! It improved on every aspect of what the first game had to offer, and even with an unlimited amount of time to complete your task, I never felt like the game needed a day-based time limit, because of the extra strategy and planning that you had to do if you wanted to be efficient. Caves broke up the monotony of "Grab this item, bring it to the ship.", and replaced it with true tests of nerves and skill, staring down fearsome enemies, traps, hazards, bottomless pits, daunting tasks lying ahead of you, frightening boss encounters... Pikmin 2 honestly was pure gaming bliss that has not yet been replicated in any other Nintendo games I've played. Pikmin 3 - I'm going to start off by saying this sequel was the result of a 9 year development cycle, and the saddest part about this, is that it doesn't even hold a candle to the perfection that was Pikmin 2. I was dying to see Pikmin 3 be released, and once it finally was, I knew I needed to buy a Wii U. Pikmin 3 was by no means a "bad" game. Just a very disappointing one, that strayed too far from the original source material of Pikmin and Pikmin 2. For all intents and purposes, yes, it is still a Pikmin game. Just not the Pikmin game we were waiting 9 years for. While the game looks amazing in HD, the negatives outweigh the positives here. Pikmin 3 tried to create a situation in which you had no true time limit, but still kinda had a time limit at the same time. It was a noble effort, but it didn't turn out well. In the first few days, you did kind of feel like "Ok, this might be hard balancing everything." but by day 5 or 6, that pressure was quickly lifted, and as long as you collected 1-2 fruits a day you really had nothing to worry about, because you never got punished for wasting days. Yes, you'd lose a day's supply of juice, but since fruits were abundant and easy to locate, the odds of actually struggling with Pikmin 3 was incredibly low. While on this same subject, I will praise Pikmin 3 for creating a huge sense of urgency at one particular point in the game, in which all your Juice will go missing, and you feel like you're on an actual true time constraint from that point onward, until you resolve the issue that caused it. But once you resolve the issue, any true time constraints are officially made a complete joke of, as they no longer exist. This is honestly where much of my frustrations came from, though the list of flaws is numerous: No real sense of challenge due to Pikmin of all types being easy to acquire and plenty of spoils to collect for propagation, Fruits are far too numerous and easy to find/collect, White markings all over the place point you in the right direction removing any real sense of exploration, Enemies are mostly weak or non-threatening, Bosses had damage caps on them (Looking at you, Scornet Maestro), Olimar was thrown into a non-playable role and made to seem less intelligent than he was in previous games, Winged Pikmin were completely overpowered and made things insanely easy, Game was plagued with bugs and glitches that could be easily exploited (especially the Formidable Oak glitch, which I've used on every playthrough besides my first one), Electricity was heavily nerfed as a hazard (absolutely stupid change imo), The areas are almost completely barren and circle back around to other sections of the same map but have no real purpose. I honestly can't stand Pikmin 3. It was everything they could possibly do wrong with a Pikmin sequel, and it's a huge let down considering Pikmin 2 was everything a good sequel should be. They made a BETTER sequel in 3 years than they did in 9 years. What is this I don't even... Feel free to chime in with your own thoughts and opinions. I'd love to hear what you guys think.
  4. Official PokeJungle League Tournament

    Truth be told, I completely forgot about this whole thing ! I'll send private messages to all my opponents and we'll see what happens.
  5. Pokémon Sun and Moon Set 12 Hours Apart?

    I think what'll happen is that playing Sun will cause it to be day, while at the same time if you were playing Moon, it would be night. I believe both games will retain a Day/Night Cycle, but if you were to put both games side by side and play them at the same time, they'd be opposites in terms of what time of day it was, regardless of your 3DS Clock. I think both games will just be inverted in terms of the Day/Night Cycle, hence the 12 hour difference. This will also very likely come into play for evolving certain Pokemon, and certain events will probably occur only during the Day/Night depending on which version you play.
  6. I've been curious about other peoples' thoughts on this subject. My list is probably not the popular opinion, so I'll explain each. In order from least favorite to favorite: 6. Gen 2 - It was Christmas when I opened one of my presents and it was Pokemon Silver. I was so excited to have the new Pokemon game in my hands, just as I had asked for. Naturally, I played through it and... Well honestly I really don't remember much of anything about Gen 2 anymore. I know this Gen tends to be the favorite of most people, but it just really didn't leave an impact on me. I literally can't recall any specific things about my playthrough of Silver, so I honestly have nothing to say about it. When a game fails to trigger any specific moments of gaming bliss, It's very hard to say many good things about this gen. 5. Gen 1 - Despite being a 90's kid, and growing up with the Pokemon games, I just can't say many positive things about Gen 1. The sprites were awful, the type matchups were totally out of balance... Yes, I loved it as a kid, but looking back at the older games, I can see how many problems they had. The one thing that sets Gen 1 higher on this list than Gen 2, is that I can actually remember very specific moments of my childhood playing this game. I'd name all my Metapod "Sharky". My fondest memory of the first generation. But other than that, Gen 1 was a complete mess and anyone defending Gen 1 nowadays has their nostalgia goggles on too tight ! 4. Gen 4 - While this gen is one of my preferred ones, in terms of gameplay, everything was slowed down to a crawl compared to previous games. It was unfortunate too, because Gen 4 was actually pretty decent. Good Pokemon designs overall, new evolutions to Pokemon who really needed them... Not a bad generation, just flawed in a few too many aspects. 3. Gen 3 - I received Pokemon Sapphire for one of my birthdays, and I really enjoyed it. I have fond memories of transferring my Gen 3 Pokemon into Pokemon Colosseum and battling with them. Plus there were some great designs this generation. 2. Gen 6 - Let's face it. Having a fully-fledged 3D Pokemon Game on a handheld is a dream come true ! X and Y weren't the best games in terms of story, but the Pokemon designs were top notch, the Mega Evolutions and other new aspects really improved the franchise, and it's paving the way for Gen 7, which looks even better ! Sadly, this Generation was severely flawed, with a lackluster story, abysmal regional Pokedex, and nonexistant post game content. It's really quite sad, because Gen 6 looked amazing, but fell short in the long run. Though it did introduce Gourgeist, who's my absolute favorite Pokemon ! 1. Gen 5 - Probably the most controversial thing on this list, but Gen 5 was by far my personal favorite Generation. Excellent Pokemon designs, reasonable difficulty, a solid storyline, interesting characters, a really interesting idea for the villainous team. Gen 5 did so many things right, but yet it gets so much hate for no reason. It wasn't perfect of course, but I still think Black and White were the best games so far. As cool as the sequel idea was for this gen, I actually hated Black 2/White 2. It was a completely unnecessary addition that simply didn't have the same level of charm as Black and White. All that said, still my person favorite Generation. At least until Sun and Moon release, which are looking to be the absolute best games in the franchise without a doubt !
  7. Request-a-Trade

    Prettymuch any time after 12pm EST. I'm always up late (until like 4am EST)
  8. I've started naming my Pokemon since X and Y. I'm super excited to do so in Sun and Moon too. I think I've come up with alot of fun nicknames, so I'll list them below: Parasect - "Sporedyceps" - (Named after a Fakemon I came up with, and Spore + Cordyceps Mushroom, aka Zombie Fungus) Shedinja - "Beelzebug" - (Named after Beelzebub + Bug) Emboar - "Lord Bacon" - (Named after an original character of mine.) Ludicolo - "Miror B." - (Named after Miror B., since his signature Pokemon is Ludicolo.) Aegislash - "Hexcalibur" - (Named after the sword, Excalibur, but w/ Hex at the front due to him being part Ghost.) Magnezone - "HAL 9000" - (Named after HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey.) Hydreigon - "Maleficent" - (Named after the character of the same name from Sleeping Beauty. She also becomes a black dragon.) Togekiss - "Crocell" - (Named after a Demon that looks like an angel. He has the ParaFlinch combo for a moveset which makes him evil.) Medicham - "Peekoe" - (Named after The Great Peekoe from the Gamecube game, Chibi Robo.) Relicanth - "Edward Bloom" - (Named after the main lead in the film, Big Fish. No spoilers, but naming Relicanth this makes sense once you've seen the movie.) Slurpuff - "Sucrepere" - (French wording that when translated would equate to "Sugar Daddy". Named this way because of Kalos being France-based.) Diggersby - "Diggy Smalls" - (Named after the Rapper, Biggie Smalls.) Barbaracle - "Fontaine" - (Named after Frank Fontaine from the Bioshock Franchise.) Hawlucha - "Ave Nocturna" - (Spanish wording that translates to "Night Bird". This Hawlucha is shiny, hence the name.) Venusaur - "I Mean..." - (Named after the "I Mean... Venusaur !" joke in Egoraptor's Pokemon Animation, in which the trainer's Venusaur says this instead of saying "Venusaur" like a normal Pokemon.) Additionally, I plan to rename My Sandygast/Palossand to the following, as I feel these names are better than what GameFreak came up with: Sandygast - "Sandume" - (Named after Sand Dune + Doom. I like this name better, as I feel it takes Sandygast's "being made from fainted Pokemon's grudges" idea, and makes it a little more obvious in the name.) Palossand - "Sandghastle" - (Named after Sandcastle + Ghast. I prefer this name, as it just feels like a name that would fit into the Pokemon universe better. I know GameFreak tends to throw fun little puns in their naming processes, and I just like the sound of this name I came up with better than what they went with.)
  9. Request-a-Trade

    Ok cool ! FC: 2165-7531-8364 In-Game Name: Ryan
  10. Request-a-Trade

    Hey, you have 6IV Dittos ? I could really use one if you have more spares. I'm typically free any time, EST.
  11. Preliminary Sun/Moon Teams

    Moon: Rowlet, Vikavolt, Bewear, Pyukumuku, and Mimikyu (so far.) I'll have to wait and see what other new Pokemon are revealed soon, so I can adjust my team. Sun: Undecided. Planning to do a Nuzlocke for this version.
  12. My idea for a new Pokemon storyline is that you (a veteran Pokemon trainer) are contacted by a far away region. The Professor requests your aide, due to communications being cut by two villainous teams, who are also causing havoc in the region itself. Additionally, the Champion of the region has gone missing, making things even worse. Your task is to stop both evil teams, as well as to find the Champion. During your travels, you discover a third team was pulling the strings of the main two. This third team is lead by a strange man who claims to have defeated the champion and is holding him captive. You later discover the leader of this third team desires to get rid of all Legendary Pokemon so that no evil teams can use them for their own personal gain ever again. He believes that ridding the world of the Legendary Pokemon will eliminate the need for villainous teams to be formed. Additionally, he is trying to make regular Pokemon stronger via a special drug called "Supplement E". This would bring out a Pokemon's raw power, but reverts them to a semi-feral state as well. The leader believes that this too will eliminate the need for Legendary Pokemon to be so sought after. You make your way to the Pokemon League, and discover that the mysterious team leader is in fact the champion himself. He went into hiding so he could carry out this plan without anyone getting in his way. By defeating him, you make him realize that ridding the world of Legendary Pokemon would cause it to fall apart, and he decides against continuing his plans, disbanding the team he started. For me, personally, this is the kind of darker, more mature story I'd love to see in a Pokemon game. A man deciding to commit an evil act that would likely change the world as they know it, and doing so for the greater good. But his misguided efforts would only cause the world to collapse. The idea kinda plays off Gen 5's crisis of "Should I release my Pokemon", but takes it to the next level.