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  1. Heya! :D

    Welcome back, Percy! Good luck with college and life.
  2. MMORPGs: What are you playing?

    I've put a lot of time into MMOS, the ones with the most time dedicated to them are Dungeon Fighter Online and Warframe. Both of which are free to play, and complete hell to grind. Other MMOS I've played are Marvel Heroes, Path of Exile , which are pretty much diablo clones. Tera was okay for a while when I had friends to play it with, pretty much a bore to play alone though. Blade and Soul was really fun, but the lack of content, and I guess repetitiveness of the PvE really go to me so I quit. The PvP was fun though, and the combat is pretty exciting compared to most other open world mmos I've played. My favorite on this list is more than likely Dungeon Fighter Online, I've been playing it since like 2006, it's a brawler beat em up combo based mmo rpg with arcade style sprite graphics and pretty cool skill visuals. Haven't been able to find clones / mirrors of the game anywhere else.
  3. Wow about 10 years now?

    Pleasure meeting you, and no need to hope, I can already tell we'll have great discussions sometime or another. And we have the exact same favorites!? I like fettuccine pasta with my chicken alfredo.
  4. Wow about 10 years now?

    Hello. Thank you!
  5. One of the cleaning ladies actually came into my hotel room without permission once. Pretty awkward.
  6. What Are You Listening To?

    Usually what I start my morning with lately.
  7. What do you do post Elite 4?

    I usually run around looking for missed battles, and battle grounds of some sorts like trainer towers, etc. That and I hunt for Easter eggs, and catch / evolve Pokemon or work on a competitive team.
  8. Woke up this morning to see a construction worker trying to peek into my window on the other side of my blinds while standing on those elevating platforms. So I suddenly flipped the blinds open on him.
  9. Greetings everyone! It's a pleasure to be here and wonderful seeing some familiar and new faces. I've had quite a forum track record with Paul and some of the others, dating back since seemingly forever ago. I used to frequent the forums everyday at one point, and made lots of great memories. I don't know what prompted me to check Mt.Moon when I woke up this morning but I'm sure glad I did, otherwise I wouldn't have ended up here. Pokemon has long since solidified a position in my heart, and so has anything related to Pokejungle. ♥ A little about myself? I'm generally a welcoming and cheerful person (so feel free to message me!) , I love Pokemon of course, my favorite color is blue, and I'm a huge nerd. I like to write, read fantasy of all sorts, play games, and do Tae Kwon Do! My favorite foods are hamburgers, sushi, and chicken Alfredo. I hope to get to know some of you either all over again or for the first time. Cheers.